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Man, Myth & Magic / Timeship - Yaquinto Publications


Man, Myth, & Magic [BOX SET]
MM&M is a percentile-based RPG by little-known Yaquinto Publications. Game play is relatively simple, and the designer, author Herbie Brennan created a storytelling game, a concept well before its time. Episodes are loosely linked into a campaign, and can jump from time-to-time, mythos-to-mythos.

"Man, Myth, & Magic is a fantasy role playing game set in the ancient world. A world seen not from our modern historical perception; but rather through the eyes of the people who lived it. A world filled with magic and sorcery, demons and monsters, and incredible powers and forces that hold the key to the domination of all mankind...

Reincarnate as an Egyptian sorceror, a British Druid, even, perhaps an Irish Leprechaun to face the might and mysteries of the ancient world."

Box contents: Basic Rules Book (4301), Advanced Rules Book (4302), Adventures Book (4303), MM&M Character Pad (4304), Adventure Maps (4305)

1982 ... YAQ 4306 ... ISBN n/a

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Book I: The Basic Rules (24 pages, YAQ 4301)
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Book II: The Advanced Rules (40 pages, YAQ 4302)
Additional incarnations (nationalities, careers), equipment, combat rules, and spells.
Some Advanced booklets were sold separately with a 3-panel card with scenario (Dragon Loose in Rome), a summary of the Basic Rules, and Advanced Character Sheet.

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Book III: The Adventures Book (52 pages, YAQ 4303)
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Further MM&M Releases

4307 - Death to Setanta
4308 - Kingdom of the Sidhe
4309 - Newgrange Reactivated
4310 - Glastonbury Labyrinth
4311 - Ascent to Hell
4312 - Egyptian Trilogy
4313 - Werewolf of Europe module
4314 - Norse Trilogy

Death to Setanta
Adventure 1, Episode 5 for Man, Myth & Magic RPG.

1982 ... 24 pages ... YAQ 4307 ... ISBN n/a

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Kingdom of the Sidhe
Adventure 1, Episode 6 for Man, Myth & Magic RPG.

1982 ... YAQ 4308 ... ISBN n/a

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Newgrange Reactivated
Adventure 1, Episode 7 for Man, Myth & Magic RPG.

1982 ... 20 pages ... YAQ 4309 ... ISBN n/a

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The Glastonbury Labyrinth
Adventure 1, Episode 8 for Man, Myth & Magic RPG.

1982 ... 24 pages ... YAQ 4310 ... ISBN n/a

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Ascent to Hell
Adventure 1, Episode 9 for Man, Myth & Magic RPG.

1982 ... 24 pages ... YAQ 4311 ... ISBN n/a

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The Egyptian Trilogy
Adventure 2, Episodes 1-3 for Man, Myth & Magic RPG.

"IT IS SPRING, 1375 B.C.
You stand before an ancient stone monument at Giza. Though dwarfed by the great pyramids, it possesses the answer to a mighty mystery. For hidden inside, in some secret, long forgotten, chamber rests the power to destroy the old gods and to allow one man to rule Egypt. Yet, as you seek to gain entrance, your thoughts are not of the danger that lurks within; but rather of how you became caught in this deadly intrigue, of how a simple journey turned into a nightmare in the barren Sinai and eventually brought you to this silent statue, a hunted criminal, with no choice but to brave what ever evil lies ahead and to discover ...
* What powerful artifact was stolen from the Pharoah, Akhenaton?
* Why Raneb, the loyal Chief Khemia to the House of Pharoah, took the artifact?
* Why the one-armed Nomarch, Kephren Tes, seeks Raneb; but not what he stole?
* Why Sek Met, the High Priest of Ra, will stop at nothing to possess the missing item?
* Why the Pharoah's beautiful but estranged wife, Nefertiti, searches for both?
* And finally, why you are a threat to all of them?

In addition to all three Episodes of Adventure Number 2 this module expands the MAN, MYTH & MAGIC system by adding ...
* 31 New Character Classes, including Physicians and Alchemist!
* Nearly 70 new Magic Spells, Charms, Amulets and Concoctions!
* New Poisons!
* Dozens of new weapons and armor classes!
* Rules for Charioteers!"

1982 ... YAQ 4312

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The Werewolf of Europe
Adventure 3 for Man, Myth & Magic RPG.

The pale, full moon begins to rise, heralding another night of terror in the small, isolated village of Tharn Grivet. You, along with your hastily assembled comrades, check your seemingly useless weapons before posting guards and going to bed. Laying on your raised pallet, your mind is filled with the horror that grips this place. Somewhere, nearby a monster, virtually immume to weapons and magic alike is waiting to kill again: Each morning brings the discovery of a new, mangled body, today the victim had been one of your comrades who had been guarding in the predawn hours. Suddenly the night is shattered by a shrill howling. Grimly determined and sickeningly afraid, you leap from your bed, grab your pitiful weapons, and move out into the erie night. As your small group assembles their faces are filled with resolve. There have been too many deaths already, there can be no more. Tonight, for better or for worse, you will find... The Werewolf of Europe"

1982 ... Herbie Brennan & J. Stephen Peek ... 20 pages + cover folder ... YAQ 4313

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Timeship [BOX SET]

"Yesterday you travelled to 600,000,000 AD and solved a bizarre murder mystery. Today you watch, amazed, as the merchants of Gomorrah trade in vice and corruption. Tomorrow you will stalk the war-torn streets of Berlin in search of Adolph Hitler. You are a time traveller, and there are no more barriers when you play..."

Another innovative role playing game by Herbie Brennan, released by Yaquinto Publications. Pictured is one of the pages of player handouts, titled "Gateway: The Destruction of Gomorrah."

* Rulebook (48 pages, YAQ 4601)
* Timelord Screen (3-panel, light cardstock)
* Player aids (maps, drawings; 4-panel, fold-out)
* Pad of Personal Data Sheets

1983 ... YAQ 4605 ... ISBN n/a

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"TIMESHIP is an innovative and imaginative role playing game that allows players to adventure in strange eras and places as themselves, not as fictional characters who have been created by a few dice rolls. An elegantly simple system starts players at average ability levels, then allows each player to evaluate him or herself by improving some and reducing others. The result is each player creates a gaming character that mirrors both their positive and negative abilities, based on their own judgment.
TIMESHIP also introduces the concept of Player Power. Each player has a certain amount of Personal Power that is reduced through the performance of various activities and damage during the course of the adventure. For instance; a player could take a hand gun into a twentieth century adventure at minimal Power cost, should that same gun be taken on an excursion into the 10th Century, the Power cost would be enormous. Another aspect of Personal Power concerns Group Energy, the element that activates the portals, or gateways, allowing players to move in and out of time itself.
TIMESHIP, like all other role playing games requires a judge, or game master, called the Timelord'. The Timelord, using the rules, adventure modules and imaginations of the players, conducts the group into the past present or future. In addition to the THREE modules, or Time Capsules', that are enclosed with the game, Timeship is wide open to creating your own adventures. You are free to roam the ages. Journey from the days of the dinosaurs, to the mystics of the ancient world, to the glory of Napoleon. If the past is not enough, adventure in the present with its political intrigue, and brushfire wars; or, for those more adventurous souls, you may transcend the present and visit the future where man's home is the universe, populated with all manner of strange and alien beings. The potential for adventure and excitement is only limited by your imagination.

The THREE Time Capsules included are:

Murder at the End of Time. The date is 25 August, 600,000,000 A.D. and you stand beneath a blazing, un-moving sun. No crime has been committed on Earth for more than three hundred million years; until now! Your mission is to solve the mystery using the bizarre clues and peculiar witnesses.

Assassinate the Fuhrer! On June 7th, 1956, World War Three began when the Nazi government of Argentina, led by Adolph Hitler, invaded Brazil. Hitler had escaped capture at the end of World War II and begun the Fourth Reich in South America. It is now April 30th, 1945 and you are stalking Hitler through the bunkers beneath a city in flames. Your mission: find him, then make it look like suicide.

The Destruction of Gomorrah. It is May 22nd, 1979 B.C. and you are surrounded by the sights and sounds of the doomed city, Gomorrah, famous for its vice and corruption. You arrived on a simple 'Time Traveller's Holiday'; but find you must now stop the destruction to save yourself!"

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