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SAGA rules system - Marvel Super Heroes


Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (SAGA System) [BOX SET]
* Game Book (208 pages)
* Roster Book (64 pages)
* Fate Deck (96 cards)

Join the adventure game where you can play the one and only Marvel Super Heroes!

Swing into action with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man or bust up the bad guys as the wild-eyed Wolverine with the new MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ Adventure Game.

Join in on the mighty Marvel excitement of your favorite comic book heroes. This fast-paced, action-packed adventure game features roleplaying ripped right from the pages of the best-selling Marvel comics. Your favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains are your friends and foes as you experience the Marvel Universe as you never have before!

The MARVEL SUPER HEROES Adventure Game showcases the award-winning SAGA® game rules for an easy-to-use, dramatic roleplaying experience in the style of your favorite comics. Instead of the randomness of dice, you plan your strategies and take your chances with the Hand of Fate dealt to you. Are you ready for some action?

1998 ... Mike Selinker & Michele Carter & Bill Olmesdahl & Steven E. Schend & Steven "Stan!" Brown ... TSR 6926 ... ISBN 0786912278

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TSR issued four promotional cards separately at the launch of the game: Ghost Rider, Lockheed, Deadpool and The Impossible Man. These cards are quite rare today.


X-Men Roster Book
"They are men and women whose genetic structure has gifted -- and cursed -- them with extraordinary abilities. Most people call them "mutants," a word that invokes both fear and awe among the common people on Marvel Earth.
Shunned and feared by society at large, some mutants struggle to bridge the ever-widening gulf between humanity and mutantkind by protecting a world that fears them. Others turn their powers to crime, destruction, and even attempts at world domination.
This roster book, an accessory for the MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ Adventure Game, is a reference guide to many of the most popular characters from the World's Greatest Comics. Narrators and players can use them to launch their favorite heroes and villains into exciting roleplaying scenarios."

Highlights of this book include:
• Details on the Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, Generation X, Alpha Flight, and other teams of mutant heroes and villains!
• Descriptions and game statistics for well over 100 of the X-Men's greatest members, friends, and foes!
• Action-packed illustrations by the Marvel Bullpen!

1998 ... Steve Miller ... 144 pages ... TSR 6927 ... ISBN 0786912286

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X-Men: Who Goes There? (Adventure #1)

* The Sinister BROOD!
* A Malevolent MURDERWORLD!
* Cold-Hearted SENTINELS!
* and a Flashback featuring the ORIGINAL X-MEN!"

1998 ... Mike Selinker & Teeuwynn Woodruff ... 48 pages ... TSR 6928 ... ISBN 0786912294

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A Guide to Marvel Earth
"While primarily for use with the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game, this book makes a nice primer for anyone wanting to learn more about the Marvel Comics Universe. Great maps and color illustrations, too!"

1998 ... 128 pages ... TSR 6929 ... ISBN 0786912308

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The Avengers Roster Book
"Dozens of brave heroes spring to action at that clarion call. Superhumans from every walk of life rise to defend Earth from threats so great, no other force could counter them. Which ones will answer when you send out the call?
Decide quickly -- the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Menaces such as Kang the Conqueror, Baron Zemo, and Loki await inside. You are all that stands between them and a conquered Earth.
This roster book, an accessory for the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Adventure Game, is a reference guide to many of the most popular characters from the World's Greatest Comics. Narrators and players can use them to launch their favorite heroes and villains into exciting roleplaying scenarios."

Highlights of this book include:
• Overviews of the Avengers' history, equipment, and personalities,
• Details on the Thunderbolts, Asgardians, Lightning Rods, Masters of Evil, and many more.
• Descriptions and game statistics for more than 100 of the Avengers' allies and enemies.
• Action-packed illustrations by the Marvel Bullpen!

1998 ... 142 pages ... TSR 6930 ... ISBN 0786912316

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Avengers: Masters of Evil (Adventure #2)

* The TASKMASTER'S New Academy of Crime!
* The Rampaging ELEMENTS OF DOOM!
* and those famous renegade heroes, The THUNDERBOLTS!"

1998 ... Stephen Kenson ... 48 pages ... TSR 6931 ... ISBN 0786912324

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The Fantastic Four Roster Book
"An experimental spacecraft braves the unknown dangers of cosmic rays, and the lives of four individuals are forever changed! Experience that excitement by bringing the Fantastic Four and their friends and foes to life with this action-packed supplement to the MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ Adventure Came. This roster book gives updated statistics and descriptions of the Fantastic Four, the Sub-Mariner, Doctor Doom, the Watcher, and even mighty Galactus himself!
Should your heroes decide to heed the call of space exploration, look no further
than these pages! All the major alien species -- the Kree, the Skrulls, the Shi'ar,
even the Brood -- are described in this book. In addition, the most ancient races on
Earth -- the Atlanteans, the Eternals, the Deviants, and more -- wait inside for you to
discover them.
This roster book, an accessory for the MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ Adventure Game, is a
reference guide to many of the most popular characters from the annals of the
World's Greatest Comics Magazine. Narrators and players can use them to launch
their favorite heroes and villains into exciting roleplaying scenarios.

Highlights of this book include:
• Details on more than a dozen alien races and strange beings, including the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe!
• Descriptions and game statistics for well over 100 of the Fantastic Four's allies and enemies!
• Action-packed illustrations by the Marvel Bullpen!
• Cover art by the legendary George Perez!"

1999 ... Richard Dakan & Jack Emmert & Jeff Quick & Mike Selinker ... 144 pages ... TSR 11320 ... ISBN 0786913207

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Fantastic Four: Fantastic Voyages (Adventure #3)

* The Sinister Skrulls!
* Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds!
* The Diabolical Diablo!
* And the FF's Most Infamous Foe -- Doctor Doom!"

1999 ... Mike Selinker & Teeuwynn Woodruff ... 48 pages ... TSR 11330 ... ISBN 0786913304

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The REED RICHARDS Guide to Everything

This is the book all Marvel fans have been waiting for —- the first-ever rules expansion for the MARUEL SUPER HEROES™ Adventure Game! In this book you'll find a wide variety of optional rules to spice up your Marvel game. Within these pages are rules for space aliens, explosions, poisons, and dozens of other fascinating new concepts! Plus there's a special color section giving detailed event descriptions that you can use to throw some unexpected thrills into your game!

All of this is highlighted by the fascinating (and sometimes hilarious) prose of Dr. Reed Richards, the Marvel Universe's foremost super-genius! Reed will tell you everything you want to know about how the Marvel Universe really works! Have you ever wondered "How does Archangel fly?" Or "How does Giant-Man stand up?" Or even "If I stand next to an exposed nuclear reactor core, will I get superpowers?" Fret not, True Believer, because Mister Fantastic's got the answers for you!

Think you know everything there is to know about the Marvel Universe? Then read this book, because Dr. Reed Richards will give you answers you've never imagined!"

1999 ... Mike Selinker ... 128 pages ... TSR 11340 ... ISBN 0786913401

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Marvel Super Dice Game: The X-Men Battle for New York City!
"This game is for anyone who enjoys the marvel comic characters of the X-Men. After becoming a fan of the TV show on Saturday mornings, and having played Dragon Dice, I became very intrigued at what TSR could do with the simple action of comic book characters. Overall, I think they have done a good job.
The target market for the game is those who either read the comics or watch the TV show. I have never really gotten into X-Men comics, but this game is really a lot of fun. The stratgey of the game is not as complex as Dragon Dice, but the ease with which players can start playing is straight forward and quick.

The premise to the game, is that 2 or more players bring a collection of heroes to the table, and be the first person to "capture" or own 4 city blocks. The number of heores, and the number of city blocks in play can vary. To add some randomness to the game, each player also bring some spectator dice used to slow down other groups of heroes.

Each hero has a special power that helps it's side, or hinders others. All dice are 6 sided, and the well thought out rulebook is very straightforward. All in all this is a very easy game to get into, and well worth the money." ...an anonymous Amazon reviewer

1998 ... TSR 6920 ... ISBN 0786906731

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Introduction to the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game: Wolverine vs. The Brood Queen & Captain America vs. Baron Zemo (2-book set)
TSR released these 2 now rare comic books as an introduction to their new game in 1999. They number 6 pages each, and tell how to use a standard deck of cards to play the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game.

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Wizards of the Coast
owns (and holds trademark to) the MSH RPG in all forms.

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