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The Shady Dragon Inn (AC1)
Of special note are the stats (and line drawings) of the characters from the D&D toy line, and also made special guest appearances in the D&D cartoon series of the early '80s: Mercion (cleric), Figgen (halfling), Peralay (elf), Elkhorn (dwarf), Ringlerun (magic-user), Strongheart (fighter), Fox Fingers (thief), Zargash (cleric), Zarak (thief), Skylla (magic-user), Kelek (magic-user), Raven (cleric), and Warduke (fighter).

For more iconic figure goodness: AD&D meets 80ís Woodcraft set: Role Playing Dioramas


"The Shady Dragon Inn is a set of pregenerated characters for use with the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game. This player's aid comes in two parts: each character appears first in a section devoted to his or her character class. They appear again in the second section as members of a party. As a DM or as a player, you may use either or both sections; over a hundred characters await you!

Each character has a brief biography that will help you to create backgrounds for PCs or NPCs as needed. Also included is a rough physical description, and a list of items owned by each character.

The Shady Dragon Inn also contains the D&D game statistics for those special characters who are presented by figures in the D&D and AD&D toy line, a provides a tavern setting from which players may start adventures or gather party members."

1983 ... Carl Smith ... 32 pages + 4-panel cover ... TSR 9100 ... ISBN 0880380721

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Combat Shield and Mini-adventure (AC2)
"You're guiding your party through a dense swamp. Suddenly, the jaws of three large crocodiles snap menacingly. The fighter draws his sword, and the magic-user prepares to cast a spell. The crocodiles creep slowly closer.

Time out. You have to find the tables in the rules.

Resolving combat is just a dice roll away if you have the D&D Combat Shield. All the tables you need are included on this handy 3-panel screen: monster hit rolls, saving throws, armor class, variable weapon damage, and several others. Experience tables for each character class are also given. The Combat Shield also comes with an Expert Game mini-adventure: "The Treasure of the Hideous One." The adventure features a ready-to-use treasure "map" that you may introduce into your campaign when your players find clues to a lost treasure. Several interesting "encounters" are thrown in, too, so you'll have plenty of chances to use the Combat Shield.

Three crocodiles? No problem!"

1984 ... David Cook ... 8 pages + 3-panel cardstock screen ... TSR 9099 ... ISBN 088038073X

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3-D Dragon Tiles: The Kidnapping of Princess Arelina (AC3)
"Your party moves stealthily up the dark hallway. Torn cobwebs dangle from the ceiling; to the south, a huge, iron door creaks eerily in the mysterious wind. A massive iron gate crashes down, blocking the corridor ahead!

Wait a minute. The pencil broke.

Mapping dungeons is quick, easy, and exciting with the 3-D Dragon Tiles. Use the Dragon Tiles to bring your DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure to life.

This package contains 51 3-D figures, featuring characters, creatures, walls, and doors. Two sheets of 84 two-sided feature tiles, showing traps, treasures, furniture, and special surprises, are also included. A Dungeon Mapping Grid is provided to help you lay out dungeons quickly.

The 3-D Dragon Tiles also comes with a special D&D/AD&D adventure, "The Kidnapping of Princess Arelina."

Can't find an eraser? Don't worry. Leave the dungeons to us."

1984 ... Garry Spiegle ... 8 pages + two 4-panel covers/figure sheets + 2 cardstock punch-out sheets ... TSR 9121 ... ISBN 0880381086

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The Book of Marvelous Magic (AC4)
"'Tell me, teacher - How does one open the cabinet of security? Of what use is the banner of bravery? And what are the limits of the sun deck? My books and scrolls tell me nothing about many of the magical treasures I've heard you mention time and again.'
'No, Paedras, your manuscripts are too general. But since you have inquired, I will allow you to peruse this, one of my most treasured volumes - The Book of Marvelous Magic. It will answer your questions.'

And now you, too, can learn the secrets that were revealed to Phaedras! The Book of Marvelous Magic is the ultimate sourcebook on magical items and their twists and quirks. Over 500 new magical items are described in detail. An appendix describes how these items can be used with the AD&D game."

1984 ... Frank Mentzer & Gary Gygax ... 76 pages ... TSR 9116 ... ISBN 0880381922

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Player Character Record Sheets (AC5)
This is a re-covered later printing of the 1980 blue cover character sheets. The green character sheets are identical.

I don't see this edition often; probably didn't have a long print run.

"Do you have trouble keeping track of your dwarf's hit points? Are you constantly checking to see what your thief's abilities are? Did your magic-user miss going up a level because you lost the piece of paper with all of his treasure on it? Well cast your gaze upon this item. At last, all of that valuable information has been place on one sheet of paper.

These convenient record sheets display all of the most frequently used information that a player looks for when adventuring with a character. Everything you want to keep track of can be kept on these sheets. Ability scores, armor class, hit points, weapons, spells, treasure, equipment, magical items, saving throws, special abilities and even a combat table are placed at your fingertips."

1984 ... TSR 9037 ... ISBN 0935696660

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Player Character Record Sheets (AC6)
"You started in Basic and as your character grew, you advanced to Expert. And the game grew too, expanding into Companion and Masters rules. And your character grew right along with the game, gaining levels, equipment, magical items, and land. In fact, your character grew right out of the D&D Character Sheet you have been using for so long.

Now your character sheet can keep up to date with the game. Need a space to note weapon mastery from the Master Rules? Has your character's spellbook grown into a maze of paper scrap? Forgotten the name of your fighter's liege lord? Now you can record these on a single clear sheet with the new and expanded D&D Character Sheets. Specifically designed for use with all the D&D rulesets, these character sheets allow space for information that pertains to all the details of the growing D&D gamesystem.

The D&D Character Sheets come with 16 two-sided character sheets suitable for use with all characters, 8 Character Spellbook Planners complete with all Magic User, Cleric, and Druid spells, and a Dominion Planning Guide."

1985 ... 48 pages (24 sheets) ... TSR 9037 ... ISBN 0394551958 / 0880380489

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Master Player Screen featuring The Spindle (AC7)

What a curious item. A screen intended for D&D Players? Plus an adventure for the DM? Who was supposed to buy this?

"For the first time, all the important tables and information for character classes has been gathered together in this easy-to-use accessory. This screen collects all the crucial information for player characters, from beginning to master level. This fabulous product includes Level advancement, spells and weapons tables: Saving Throws, Combat and Special Abilites.

Also featured is the Master level mini-adventure, The Spindle, the beginning of a quest for the secret of immortality. This adventure provides players and DMs alike, with a foundation from which to create their own epic quests into legend and beyond."

1985 ... Bruce Nesmith ... Three-panel screen + 8 page adventure booklet ("The Spindle of Heaven") ... TSR 9156 ... ISBN 0880382414

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3-D Dragon Tiles featuring The Revenge of Rusak (AC3/AC5 -- s/b AC8)
"AC8 Revenge of Rusak is actually labeled "AC3" on the cover. Apparently, someone at TSR forgot that the AC3 code was already taken by AC3 Kidnapping of Princess Arelina. In an attempt to correct this mistake, later copies of Revenge have a sticker stating "AC5, All New Dragon Tiles II" (which is also incorrect!). The contents are identical to non-stickered copies. The Magic Encyclopedia correctly lists this item as AC8." -Acaeum

"Princess Arelina rushes from the tent as total disorder breaks out across the camp. She descends on your party as you struggle to secure your weapons...

Wonderfully descriptive, isn't it? Well, now you can see it for yourself with the 3-D DRAGON tiles. Use the DRAGON Tiles to bring your DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventures to life.

This package includes 3-D figures featuring tents, trees, carts, a waterfall, and characters. A sheet of 2-sided tiles include trails, streams, creatures, and other wilderness features. A wilderness mapping grid is included to help you lay out wilderness encounters quickly.

The 3-D DRAGON Tiles also comes with a special D&D adventure, The Revenge of Rusak."

1985 ... David "Zeb" Cook & D. and M. Kauth (figures) ... 8 pages + 8 cardstock sheets + sheet of terrain counters ... TSR 9145 ... ISBN 0880382031

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Creature Catalogue (AC9)
Compiled by TSR's UK staff at the time, this sourcebook contains a couple hundred creatures, including: Juggernaut, Soul Eater, Shroud Spider, Aquatic Beholder, Death Demon, Sabre Claw, Undead Dragon.

"Are you ready to face the horror of the Hivebrood, the gruesome Geonid or the dread Dusanu? These and many other baleful beasts lurk within the pages of this manual, waiting to challenge even the mightiest adventurers!
The Creature Catalogue is the first major expansion to the range of D&D game monsters. Within its covers have been collected all the curious creatures first presented in the official D&D adventure modules, plus many more new nasties, designed to challenge and perplex the heartiest heroes. Also included is a comprehensive index of all D&D monsters found in the Basic, Expert, Companion and Master rulesets.

Whether your players' characters are 1st, 21st, or 31st level, this tome contains many fantastic creatures with which to test their mettle. Armed with the Creature Catalogue, you will be able to find the right fearsome foe to confront even the most foolhardy fellow."

1986 ... Graeme Morris & Phil Gallagher & Jim Bambra ... 96 pages ... TSR 9173 ... ISBN 0880383151

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Bestiary of Dragons and Giants (AC10)
Many more photos at my Games Gallery blog post about AC10.

"Red dragons. Storm giants. Dragon rulers. Frost giants. They're all here, in this book, in complete, ready-to-play mini-adventures. No matter what level your characters are, there is something here for you (and them).
Need a diversion? Want to spice up a long-running campaign? Want to play, but don't have more than an hour or so? This is the book for your gaming group. As DM, you have everything you'll need to play right at your fingertips. As players, you'll have challenges worthy of your characters.
This book has something for everyone.

This product includes a random spell generator for dragons, complete with instructions.

This accessory is for use with the D&D Basic, Expert, Companion, Masters, and Immortals Rules sets produced by TSR Inc. The adventures contained herein cannot be used without these rules sets."

1987 ... Deborah Christian (editor) & Larry Elmore (cover) ... 64 pages + 2 covers (2-panel + 3 panel) + errata sheet ... TSR 9211 ... ISBN 0880384883

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The Book of Wondrous Inventions (AC11)
"Have you ever wondered why, in a world full of magic, there are no enchanted labor saving devices? Few magical modes of transportation? No bespelled byproducts of the inventor's art? Wonder no more! They are all here, in this latest compendium from the Game Wizard's lair: The Book of Wondrous Inventions!
The Book of Wondrous Inventions is useable with both the D&D and the AD&D game systems. Each invention is clearly outlined, including function, form, and hazards of use. Statistics and spell details are are presented in a manner compatible with both game systems. Adventure scenario suggestions are given, as well as design instructions for characters who wish to build duplicate device.
As an added bonus, a section is included which details a system for creating spells and magical items. This will prove especially useful to players and DMs who use the D&D game system; the detailed information is also of help to AD&D game players."

1987 ... Bruce A. Heard ... 96 pages ... TSR 9220 ... ISBN 0880384972

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