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EastFront Series

EastFront: The War in Russia, 1941-45 [BOX SET]
• Mapboard: Large (22"x34") full color mapboard.
• Units: 120 Hardwood Counters (64 Soviet, 56 German, 2x2 blanks) provide step-reduction and fog of war with no muss or fuss.
• Innovative Rules: A unique HQ command system that separates the real generals from the paper-pushers, an elegant, well-researched production system, and weather and airpower rules that make sense.
• 8 Linkable Scenarios: Barbarossa (Invasion of Russia); Soviet Moscow Counter-attack; Axis Drive on Stalingrad; Collapse at Stalingrad; Battle of Kursk; Crisis in the Ukraine; Destruction of Army Group Center; The End in the East.

"On June 22, 1941, Germany launched a surprise blitzkreig on Russia under the code name Barbarossa, beginning a titanic four year struggle that remains the greatest military struggle in history.
Few westerners realize how much WWII was decided on the steppes of Russia. The Soviets fought and defeated the main strength of the German army, losing 13 million men in the process. By comparison, the Allies lost a third of a million in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. By D-day, the Wehrmacht was already a beaten army in the East.
Building on the Columbia Games tradition of fine games featuring limited intelligence (Quebec 1759, Napoleon, and Rommel in the Desert), East Front is a sophisticated yet highly playable simulation game that provides hundreds of hours of enjoyment."

1991, 1994 ... Columbia Games 3005

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WestFront: The War in Europe, 1943-45 [BOX SET]
• Mapboard: Large (22"x34") full color mapboard. The map covers the war in Italy, the Balkans. France, and Germany.
• Hardwood Counters 120 Hardwood Counters (40 American, 80 German, 2x2 blank) provide step-reduction and fog of war with no muss or fuss. (Also bag of action counters: Air Strike, Blitz, Storm, River Assault, etc.)
• Innovative Rules: A game system that rewards bold generalship, and creative military planning and foresight. (2 charts, 1 rulebooklet)
• 2 & 3 Player Game: WestFront treats the Soviets as rivals. Rules for a three-player game are included. Both the Allies and Germans can lose to the Soviets!
• Six Scenarios: Fall of France, 1940. Invasion of Italy, 1943. Cassino/Anzio Stalemate, 1944. Normandy Invasion, 1944. Battle of the Bulge, 1944. Campaign Game: 1943-45 -- Links with Columbia's EastFront.

"On July 9, 1943, Patton's U.S. Seventh Army and Montgomery's British Eight Army invaded the southeast coast of Sicily, the Allied opening move for the liberation of Europe. After a year of bitter fighting in Italy, the Allies then invaded Normandy on June 6, 1944, the most hazardous and fateful military operation of the war. Its success led to the defeat of Germany by May '45.
WestFront depicts these two years of warfare in a tense struggle between a formidable land power and a dominant air/sea power. The German player must (with 80% of his army fighting to the death against Russia on the EastFront) find a way to defend over 3000 miles of coastline, because Allied invasions may strike anywhere from Denmark to Greece.
Continuing the Columbia Games tradition of fine games (Quebec 1759, Napoleon, EastFront), West Front is a sophisticated yet playable simulation game that will provide you with hundreds of hours of challange and enjoyment."

1992, 1995 ... Columbia Games 3006

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MedFront: War in North Africa, 1940-43 [BOX SET]
• Two MAPS: Two full-color mapboards, one covering Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, the other Morocco, Algeria, Spain, and Portugal.
• 50 HARDWOOD BLOCKS: Wooden counters (22 gray, 14 red, 14 blue) provide step-reduction and fog of war with no muss or fuss. (Also bag of action counters: Air Strike, Blitz, Storm, River Assault, etc.)
• 1 rulebooklet, 2 charts
• NORTH AFRICA CAMPAIGN: A campaign game of the Desert War, 1940-43, with several scenarios including "Crusader", "Battleaxe", and "Torch."
• SPANISH CIVIL WAR: A campaign game simulating the tragic and chaotic civil war between Nationalist and Republican forces that engulfed Spain from 1936-39.
• WESTFRONT EXPANSION Fully compatible with EastFront and WestFront games.

"In 1936 the first skirmish in the looming world war between fascism and democracy broke out in Spain. After three years of bitter civil war, General Franco's rebellion, with German and Italian aid, finally subdued the Republican government forces.
Franco's victory emboldened Hitler to risk a greater war. Just months after the Spanish Civil War ended, Germany invaded Poland. Nine months later, the conflict expanded into the Mediterranean when Italy joined the Axis and invaded Egypt from Libya, only to be humiliated by British armor.
Germany came to her ally's aid, sending Rommel and a panzer corps to Africa. The arrival of the "Afrika Korps" heralded a two year desert campaign marked by mobility, abrupt reversals of fortune, chaotic supply, and outstanding generalship on both sides.
The British 8th Army, led by Montgomery, eventually triumphed at Alamein in October 1942. One month later, the "Torch" invasion of Morocco and Algeria by American and British forces checkmated Axis ambition in Africa." Med Front

1994 ... Columbia Games 3007

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EuroFront: War in Europe, 1939-45 [BOX SET]
• 50 HARDWOOD BLOCKS: Wooden counters for French, Polish, Greek, Yugoslavian, Belgian, Dutch, & Danish units. Bonus errata labels for EastFront, WestFront, and MedFront units are also provided. (Also sheet of 60 counters)
• MASTER OB CHARTS: Order of Battle layout charts for all units 1939-45. (12 charts total + rulebooklet)
• DIPLOMATIC EVENTS: Simple yet elegant rules for Allied and Axis diplomacy.
• SIX SCENARIOS: A Campaign game starting in 1939, plus five additional one year scenarios for 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, and 1944.

"EuroFront defines and regulates the play of a combined "mega-game" of WWII in the European Theater. It is not an independent game. Ownership of EastFront, WestFront, and MedFront are required, and preferably VolgaFront as well.
EuroFront adds Polish, French, Yugoslavian, Greek, Belgian, Dutch, and Danish units to the game, allowing the entire war in Europe 1939-45 to be played. Scenarios for each year of the war are included.
EuroFront does not require players to mimic historical events and campaigns. The diplomatic rules can generate countless variations as to which nations become engulfed in war, with whom, and when. The great appeal of strategic gaming lies in the "what-ifs" of military history; Euro Front allows you to investigate as many options as you can imagine."

1995 ... Columbia Games 3008

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VolgaFront: East of EastFront, 1942-43
• Mapboard: Large (11" x 34") full color mapboard. The map joins with the EastFront mapboard and extends play into the Volga Basin and east to the foothills of the Ural mountains.
• Scenario Booklet: Historically, Germany never advanced further east than Stalingrad. Hence, the six scenarios presented are all "what-if campaigns based on probable outcomes of varying German success in the Volga Basin.
• EastFront 2nd Edition Rules: Included with VolgaFront is a 2nd edition rulebook for EastFront. Players who already own this game will appreciate the updated rulebook. Players who own the 2nd edition game will have a useful second copy for their opponents.

"On January 31, 1943, the German 6th Army, isolated and starving, surrendered to the Red Army at Stalingrad. With hindsight, this was the turning point in the epic German-Russian war, 1941-45, if not the entire war in Europe. Needless to say, this military disaster was not Hitler's goal.
After barely surviving the bitter Soviet winter of 1941-42, the Wehrmacht launched a surprise thrust to the southeast with two main targets. First was the capture of the Soviet oil wells at Baku south of the Caucasus. Second was to seize Stalingrad, then sweep northeast up the Volga River behind Moscow. Although the first goal was over-ambitious, the second might have worked if Hitler had not been distracted by trying to accomplish both tasks. A successful Volga plan would probably have led to Russian defeat. And short of dropping an atomic bomb on Berlin, a one front war would have brought certain stalemate to the war in Western Europe.
VolgaFront allows players who own Columbia's EastFront to simulate the planned Volga campaign of 1942 to defeat Russia, The VolgaFront mapboard joins to the eastern edge of the EastFront mapboard and extends play to the foothills of the Urals. This extension radically alters how the German player views the region east of Moscow and Stalingrad, and forces the Soviet player to defend against this potentially fatal thrust.
Continuing the Columbia Games tradition of fine games (Quebec 1759, Napoleon, EastFront, WestFront, and Bobby Lee), Volga Front is a sophisticated yet playable simulation game that provides many hours of challenge and enjoyment. Ownership of EastFront is required."

1994 ... Columbia Games 3009

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Other Columbia Games

Starlord [BOX SET]
"STARLORD is a science fiction strategy game. Players command a fleet of interstellar starships and engage in a futuristic battle of wits to conquer our vast galaxy.
Players must expand out into the Universe, travel from star to star through hyperspace, avoid the hazards of black holes and supernovae, and colonize new planets which have the resources to build a star empire.

But inevitably, expansion into the galaxy will lead to a clash between the opposing starships of both players. Survival in the immense areas of RIGEL, DENEB, POLLUX and MIRA will depend on your ability to eliminate these alien starships. To the victor go the spoils and the supreme title of the "STARLORD"
This game is packaged in a compact size and style which allows convenient storage on a shelf or bookcase.

* 1 Gameboard(21"X17")
* 4 Dice
* 21 Resource cards
* 20 Starships
* 1 Rule sheet"

1977 ... Gamma Two Games 2007 (Columbia Games)

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Lionheart: Living in History, England 1190AD
"It is January 1, 1190. Richard Plantagenet is the mightiest king in Christendom, nobles vie to increase their power, tensions simmer beneath the cover of an alliance with the king of France, and the Third Crusade against the Saracen has begun.
This is the world of Lionheart. A world where good and evil are seldom clearly defined; where priests are sometimes corrupt and venal, and chivalric knights are often brutal and evil killers.
Lionheart is an experience not easily forgotten. It allows the reader to enter the England of Richard Coeur-de-Lion as a spectator in history. Events of the time are seen as current events, and personalities are alive. Instead of a pallid and distant view from the present, Lionheart is a living history that grows with each reading.
Lionheart is also a unique historical tool. A history of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to 1190 is included, but the heart of the text is an encyclopedia of towns, abbeys, castles, personalities, myths, and customs of the late twelfth century. Also included is a beautiful colour map of the British Isles in 1190, which locates all places listed in the encyclopedia. Everything, from the map to the social and cultural descriptions, are as faithful to the period as possible."

1987 ... 112 pages + fold-out map ... Edwin King ... Columbia Publications ... ISBN 0920711219

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