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Forgotten Realms - Arcane Age: Netheril, Cormanthyr, Myth Drannor

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Some FR modules and supplements photos of books I culled from my personal collection.

The Ruins of Myth Drannor [BOX SET]

Note that this set takes place in "Modern Day" Forgotten Realms, but it serves as an excellent bookend with its prequel, "The Fall of Myth Drannor."

The Monstrous Compendium sheets are labelled "FRX1" in the upper right corners, implying that this was the set code (But TSR did away with the letter/number codes around this time).


"MYTH DRANNOR, city of glory. We shall not see its like again.

PERHAPS YOU'VE HEARD ITS SHINING STORY... of a time when elves and dwarves, gnomes and halflings and men lived and loved together, striving to create beauty and right wrongs. Magic was brighter then, in the City of Song. Folk were richer then, in the City of Wonder. Once this proud city stood as the highest jewel in the glittering crown of civilization.

THERE CAME A DAY when it was overwhelmed by evil, thrown down, despoiled, and left a ruin in the heart of its encircling wood, as all things of beauty are.

Evil spawned and crawled there, and the elves kept watch around it, that evil might not spread. Centuries passed, but the tales let few forget the powerful magic, the great treasure - and the deadly horrors that lay waiting within its walls.

Now the elves are gone, and adventurers from a hundred lands and cities are rushing to Myth Drannor, to seize what they can of the long-lost glory. If the bards and sages are right, power lies there for the claiming that could change the face of the Realms, rule kingdoms or lay waste to them.

If you would be a part of this exciting quest, this boxed set is for you. Inside await four poster maps, eight cardsheets, eight MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM sheets (Aratha; Baelnorn; Blazing Bones; Doomsphere - Ghost Beholder; Electrum Dragon; Fang Dragon; Dread; Feystag; Lythlyx; Magebane; Metalmaster; Naga - Bone; Ormyrr; Windghost; Xantravar; Xaver), and two booklets - a 128-page Campaign Guide, and a 32-page Adventure Booklet - filled with details about Myth Drannor, a fully-detailed campaign setting for high-level characters in the world of the Forgotten Realms. New monsters and magical items await to sparkle and challenge in any AD&D campaign - and this set lays bare the secret at the heart of Myth Drannor: the fabled mythal!"

1993 ... Ed Greenwood ... TSR 1084 ... ISBN 1560765690

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

Ruins of Myth Drannor was later reprinted in the 1.75"-deep box format TSR used in the mid-90s.

By way of comparison, the original set box was 1.25" deep, a format TSR frequently used. TSR also used a larger box size - think of the Planescape and Dark Sun core sets - which was 2.125" deep. But these large boxes were also a touch larger in the long dimension: 11.75" vs 11.25" for the smaller boxes.

The color is a lighter green than the first printing, otherwise there are no differences I can see. The date is hard to pin down. The box does use the TSR "shield" logo, and a return card inside is dated 1994, otherwise everything retains its original 1993 copyright.


Myth Drannor has 4 linked poster maps.

1084XXX0701 through 0704: NW, NE, SW, SE.

NE has inset Myth Drannor (Circa Year of the Worm)

SW has inset Wild Mythal Magic Table.


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Netheril: Empire of Magic [BOX SET]
Netheril: Forgotten Realms’ Lost Empire of Magic – THE MAPS

"Journey back 5,000 years into Faerūn's past and visit the archwizards of Netheril. View their fantastic floating cities, enclaves of magic that shook the ground far below. Travel to a time when magic was raw and powerful, when spellcasters stood supreme in the eyes of their nation. Meet Karsus, an archwizard so powerful he wielded magic that made him a god...

This new campaign expansion details everything a Dungeon Master needs to establish an exciting campaign in the magic-rich kingdom of Netheril. Inside you'll find:
* The Winds of Netheril: This 128-page reference book contains the long-awaited his most mysterious kingdoms. It provides new rules for spellcasters during the reign of Netheril and the rules for time-traveling within the Realms. An encompassing almanac details the floating cities and groundling cities of lost Netheril during the different ages of the nation.
In addition, this book explores the floating city of Karsus, noting key landmarks in the most important enclave of Netheril. Many of Netheril's most prominent personages are likewise detailed. The book concludes with MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM entries for the phaerimm, sharn, and tomb tapper.
* Encyclopedia Arcana: This 32-page book describes many of the magical items and spells of Netheril. Also included are spell lists specialized for use within a Netheril campaign.
* Two Poster Maps: Full-color poster maps show the lands of Netheril during the height of its power and at the time of its fall. The back of one of the mapsheets contains a detailed look at the enclave of Karsus."

1996 ... slade & Jim Butler ... TSR 1147 ... ISBN 0786904372

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF)

How the Mighty Are Fallen
"As the floating cities of Netheril hover peacefully in the air, the winds of intrigue boil all around them. The phaerimm continue to plot the downfall of the Netherese even as Karsus prepares for the casting of his greatest spell. Undead walk the land, driving orcs and humans before them. And somewhere below the greatest nation of Faerūn, the Tarrasque awakens from a long slumber.

How the Mighty Are Fallen is an adventure designed for use with the Netheril: Empire of Magic boxed campaign setting (which is required to play this adventure). Within these pages, the final heroes of Netheril can:

* Gather the components that Karsus requires for casting his 'most wondrous' spell, the only 12th-level spell ever known. He just needs a few body parts from two creatures -- a gold dragon and the Tarrasque.

* Reunite lost lovers after they have been seperated by death. Nopheus's wife was killed in a magical explosion, and now he's finally saved enough money for her to be resurrected. Certainly a dead body couldn't pose a threat to a band of stalwart heroes?!

* Follow the winds of Fate to wherever Tyche delivers them. Numerous side adventure allow players to take their characters to a variety of different locations. Some heroes might want to follow the trail of the missing nether scrolls, while others might want to join the resistance and fight Karsus and the other archwizards. But only the bravest hearts can take the first step..."

1996 ... slade ... 64 pages ... TSR 9540 ... ISBN 0786905379

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF / Reprint)

Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves
"Step into the past of 650 DR and experience the sights, sounds, and innumerable wonders of fabled Myth Drannor at its height. Walk the wooded glades of Cormanthyr, the last major elven empire on Faerūn, and discover marvelous secrets lost to the Realms of the present day.

This ARCANE AGE campaign expansion for the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting contains all the information necessary to begin either a full-fledged Cormanthyran campaign or a journey back in time some 700 years to see the City of Song at its most glorious.

This 160-page book contains exhaustive details on the history, culture, military, society, and citizens of the forest nation of Cormanthyr. Features include a timeline of elven history on Toril, a rundown of Cormanthyr's ruler and important individuals, plus more information on the city of Myth Drannor at its height as well as on the communities of Semberholme and the Tangled Vale. In addition, a new speciality wizard, the elven dualist, is introduced and detailed.

Also included is a large section that gives the reader knowledge of the elves' magical rites, rituals, and unique magical weapons and items. Features include new and expanded rules on the elves' potent High Magic, moonblades, and the multitude of magics that helped make Myth Drannor the glittering gem of Faerūn that it was. Finally, a two-sided, full-color map of the nation of Cormanthyr and an aerial view of Myth Drannor complete this exciting package -- the largest collection of elven lore ever."

1998 ... Steven E. Schend & Kevin Melka ... 160 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 1165 ... ISBN 0786907614

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Noble Knight | DriveThruRPG (PDF)

The Fall of Myth Drannor
This accessory struck me as being rather unusual for a TSR AD&D product... It's a military history book. While adventure hooks are sprinkled liberally throughout, its greatest detail is in the battles and campaigns during the Fall of Myth Drannor. This product may not be for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed it.

"'Know ye that time is ever so short, even for those who believed their mythal afforded them all the time on Toril; I pray that ye learn better from their mistakes than they did themselves -- for the dead know many things, but grasp truth and grow in knowledge they are rarely able to do.'
-Elminster of Shadowdale, Year of the Gauntlet

The Fall of Myth Drannor is an accessory detailing those horrible years encompassing the Weeping War, for use with the Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves book. Herein you will find the causes of the Fall of that most lyrical of elf cities; highlights of the twelve campaigns and their most significant battles; copious adventure hooks for involving player characters in behind-the-scenes activites; and new (or should we say ancient?) magical items and spells, most of which have been lost in time.

From the passing of Coronal Eltargrim to the shattering of the Khov Anilessa's invisible prison to the stand at Honorsgate, the painful history of the Fall lies within these pages. Now comes the opportunity for heroes to be made -- or become part of the history in their attempts."

1998 ... Steven E. Schend ... 64 pages ... TSR 9558 ... ISBN 0786912359

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Noble Knight

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