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Forgotten Realms Accessories - FR Series (AD&D)

Waterdeep and the North (FR1)
"The North... rugged mountains and dense forests, which hide many beings hostile to man (who has settled here but lightly). Many dungeons and ruins also lie hidden in the Northern wastes, relics of the former splendor of the dwarven kingdoms, now lost and abandoned, and of earlier, fallen kingdoms of men.

Waterdeep...crossroads of the world, City of Splendors. Here and wealth and goods from every corner of the Realms, intrigue and feuds and important personages of rank and influence. From the many-spired towers of Piergeiron's Palace to the living, ever-changing city of Waterdeep, and suggests many adventures therein.

Partake of the sights, the bustle, and the intrigue -- rub shoulders with the powerful and famous -- feast your eyes on fabled treasures. Hear tales in the taverns such as can be heard nowhere else in all the world -- but keep your weapons ready and your wits sharp. Oh, and above all... enjoy your stay."

1987 ... Ed Greenwood ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9213 ... ISBN 0880384905

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Moonshae (FR2)
"Amid the storm-tossed vastness of the Trackless Sea west of the mainland, a group of rocky islands lies exposed to the full brunt of winter gales. These isles -- the Moonshaes - are home to some of the hardiest folk of the Forgotten Realms.

Now the Moonshaes -- the setting of the first Forgotten Realms novel, Darkwalker on Moonshae -- are detailed for your role-playing campaign. The cultures, deities, and locales of the isles are described in AD&D game terms. This source book includes full-color maps displaying the Moonshaes and surrounding islands, many close-up maps depicting particular regions of the Moonshaes, and all the information you need to establish a campaign on these misty lands with Celtic roots."

1987 ... Douglas Niles ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9217 ... ISBN 0880384948

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Sélénae (RO2) [French edition FR2]
"Parmi l'immensité ballottée par les tempétes de la Mer Inviolée, á l'ouest du continent, un groupe d'iles rocheuses se dresse exposé au choc des rafales hivernales. Ces íles — les Sélénae — abritent l'un des peuples les plus courageux des Royaumes Oubliés.
Désormais, les Sélénae — l'environnement dans lequel se déroule le premier román des ROYAUMES OUBLIÉS, Darkwalker on Moonshae — sont détaíllées pour votre campagne de jeu de roles. Les cultures, les divinités et les sites des iles sont décrits en termes de jeu pour AD&D®. Cet ouvrage de référence comprend des caites en couleur montrant les Sélénae et les iles environnantes, de nombreuses caites plus détaillées pour les régions particuliéres des Sélénae et toutes les informations dont vous avec besoin pour concevoir une campagne sur ees iles brumeuses aux racínes celtes."

1993 ... 64 pages ... TSR 9217F ... ISBN 187379911X

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Empires of the Sands (FR3)
FR3 comes with TWO (2) poster maps.
9224XXX0701 Amn/Tethyr
9224XXX0702 Calimshan


"In the southwest corner of Faerun, a thousand miles south of Waterdeep on the great Trade Way road, lie the three lands known collectively as the Empires of the Sands. They are harsh lands that have produced tough people -- proud, fierce, and hard-working.

The Empires of the Sands are now fully detailed for your role-playing campaign. The cultures, personalities, economics, cities, towns, and wilderness are described for an AD&D campaign of any size or level. Amn, land of merchants, where everything has a price; Tethyr, where petty tyrants vie for a vacant throne and evil grows; and Calimshan, a dry land where great magic is commonplace -- all are waiting for you. This sourcebook includes two full-color maps showing the Empires of the Sands that link up with the maps provided in the original Forgotten Realms boxed set, and all the information you need to establish an exciting campaign."

1988 ... Scott Haring ... 64 pages + 2 fold-out maps ... TSR 9224 ... ISBN 0880385391

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The Magister (FR4)
"From Waterdeep and the Sword Coast to the jungles of Chult and the faraway lands of Thay, strange and powerful magics fill the Forgotten Realms. Ancient tomes, powerful spells, fearsome weapons -- all these and more await adventurers who can overcome terrible dangers to wield great power.

Ed Greenwood, originator of the Forgotten Realms game world, and famous game designer Steve Perrin have spent many long days with Elminster of Shadowdale, perhaps the finest sage in the long history of Abeir-Toril. The result of all this work is in you hands; The Magister is a compilation of new spells and items for your Forgotten Realms campaign.
Some of the new magics described in The Magister were first published in numerous 'Elminster' articles in Dragon magazine. The best of these, along with many new fabulous spells and items, appear in this volume."

1988 ... Ed Greenwood & Steve Perrin ... 64 pages ... TSR 9229 ... ISBN 0880385642

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The Savage Frontier (FR5)
FR5 comes with TWO (2) poster maps.
9233XXX0701 Depicts the Trackless Sea, to the west of the northern lands, with the islands of Ruathym, Tuern, The Purple Rocks, Gundarlun, and the Ice Peak. Also has inset maps of Beorunna's Well, Silverymoon, and Icewind Dale/Ten Towns.
9233XXX0702 Details the Northlands.


"North of Waterdeep, the land is cold, vast, and forbidding. The Trackless Sea stretches northward for what seems like forever, interrupted only by the occasional island and, eventually, the ice. On land, towns and villages flourish right up to the Spine Of The World Mountains. It takes a special kind of person to live up here, a determined person used to hardship, a survivor. A person with a great love for life and a great respect for the forces -- both natural and unnatural -- that can end it.

The Savage Frontier is now fully detailed for your roleplaying campaign. The cultures, personalities, economics, cities, towns, and wilderness are described for an AD&D campaign of any size or level. From the barbarian tribes of the far north to the exciting land where adventures can be found anywhere. And, of course, it's all part of the best-selling Forgotten Realms Campaign Set, home to many other AD&D modules, source-books, and even novels!"

1988 ... Paul Jaquays ... 64 pages + 2 fold-out maps ... TSR 9233 ... ISBN 0880385936

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Dreams of the Red Wizards (FR6)
"The Red Wizards of Thay. As cruel and horrible as they are powerful, they have ruled their eastern realm for as long as any sage can remember. They can be powerful allies, or deadly enemies. The Red Wizards know the darkest secrets of the strongest magic, and will sell their skills to the highest bidder. Thay is a land of slavers and tyrants, of intrigue and murder, of danger and oppurtunity. In this book, the government, personalities, economy, cities, people, and wilderness of Thay are described for an AD&D campaign of any size or level. Dreams of the Red Wizards also includes new spells and magical items unique to the Red Wizards, plus a four-color map of Thay that can be added to the previously published maps of the Forgotten Realms!"

1988 ... Steve Perrin ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9235 ... ISBN 0880386150

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Hall of Heroes (FR7)
"The Forgotten Realms fantasy world has been the site of many great adventures and home to countless valiant heroes and infamous villains. Many a tale of derring-do has been recounted in novels like the Moonshae trilogy by Douglas Niles, The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore, Azure Bonds by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb, and Spellfire by Ed Greenwood (creator of the Forgotten Realms fantasy world).
Until now, the characters from these Forgotten Realms novels have been unavailable to AD&D game players. But no longer.
Hall of Heroes provides complete histories and AD&D game statistics for such beloved characters as Elminster, the greatest sage and magic user of the Realms, Tristan Kendrick and Robyn of the Moonshae isles, Wulfgar the Barbarian, Drizzt the dark elf, and Bruenor the dwarf, all from the northern reaches, plus Alias and Dragonbait, Shandril and Narm Tamaraith, and many more.
But the Hall of Heroes is more than a listing of game statistics: It's also a sourcebook describing (among other things) artificial and magical lifeforms of the Realms, as well as the lives of the world's elves, dwarves, lizardmen, and exotic creatures.
Whatever your interest in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, you'll find much to entertain and intrigue you in this volume."

1989 ... 128 pages ... TSR 9252 ... ISBN 0880387114

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Cities of Mystery (FR8) [BOX SET]
"Dungeon delving can be delightful. Wandering in the wilderness is a wonderful way to pass the time. But for the ultimate in opportunity, intrigue, and unexpected danger, try visiting the nearest village, town, or city.

A city is much more than a rest stop, a watering hole, or a place to buy equipment. Any community, from the smallest hamlet to the most crowded medieval metropolis, offers adventuring possibilities that can't be found in any other environment. Cities of Mystery describes for the Dungeon Master how to create realistic, exciting, and vibrant communities -- and gives him the tools to make his creations come alive.

Inside this folder are 12 different street layout patterns that can be combined in a multitude of ways, plus 33 buildings of various shapes and sizes that can be cut out and assembled. The components, scaled for use with 25mm miniature figures, allow you to create three-dimensional city scenes for characters to explore. Also included is a 64-page book that takes you step by step through the process of defining and designing the villages, towns, and cities of your campaign world. The book contains five adventure scenarios that make use of the street layouts and fold-up buildings - ideas designed to get you started on the way to making your cities come alive."

1989 ... Jean Rabe ... 64-page book; 33 cardstock fold-up buildings (24 sheets, connected in groups of 6); 2 poster maps ... TSR 9262 ... ISBN 0880387440

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The Bloodstone Lands (FR9)
"Setting for the Icewind Dales trilogy of novels (The Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, and the upcoming Halfling's Gem), and the H-series of adventure modules which culminated in a battle with Orcus himself, the Bloodstone Lands are one of the wildest areas of the Forgotten Realms.
In this sourcebook, the author of the Icewind Dales trilogy explores this frozen region. Presented for players and DMs alike are people, places, and events that shaped the Bloodstone Lands — the political movers and shakers who carved their own brand of civilization from rocks and ice. In addition to this insider information, there are 10 new adventure scenario suggestions for all levels of play, from beginner to advanced, allowing campaigning in the Bloodstone Lands to continue long after exploring the mines themselves and conquering Orcus.
Prepare then to enter the barbaric kingdoms of Vaasa and Damara — the Bloodstone Lands."

1989 ... R.A. Salvatore ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9267 ... ISBN 0880387718

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MODULE MEMORIES: Bloodstone Lands (Dec 29, 2003)

I was sifting through my AD&D collection the other day, looking for a suitable campaign for my players. They have mid-level characters, and I have ambitions to someday put them through the H-series Bloodstone modules. Those are very high-level super-modules, some of the best ever produced by TSR, and pretty hard to find as well. (Sigh!) But it is too soon.
Looking through FR9 - The Bloodstone Lands sourcebook, however, caused a lightbulb to turn on. FR9 is set some years after the events in the H-series modules, which forced me to 'roll-back' history a bit. No problem.

My unsuspecting characters traveled through a (relatively) peaceful, innocent, and united Kingdom of Damara. They traveled through the Galena Mountains to the lonely frontier town of Palischuk, civilization's last outpost in the Vaasa wastes. Why? I posed the town as being a 'bleeding edge' trading post between humans, barbarians, and humanoids. All kinds of exotics could be found there... rare spell components, magic items, and much more!

I had my daughter build a tabletop model of the town with the buildings from an old cannibalized FR8 - Cities of Mystery boxed set. After some hijinks with a Deck of Many Things the characters found, the party arrived in Palischuk. I let them spend the day, shopping to their hearts' content. They ran into Boutros the Half-Ogre, sometimes ally, sometimes adversary, and previously thought dead. [Little did they know that Castle Perilous was being assembled to the west... and that a mixed humanoid army was marching on Palischuk as a prelude to Zhengyi the Witch-King's designs on Damara itself. Boutros was gathering information.]

The party was awakened in the middle of the night by Druwezza, their thief. On her nightly prowl, she'd discovered that the city watch was being assembled to repel some kind of attack. They looked worried.

The characters dressed, and offered their services to defend the town. The situation was less than ideal. The town was walled, but certainly was never designed to withstand a concerted attack, which was what the residents were facing now. A growing number of people were gathering at the gates, clamoring to be allowed to leave. Most of the Magic-Users Teleported away. The high priest of Tyr -- a blind Tarl Desanea protecting this frontier outpost in his last years -- made some forward progress in calming the crowd. The party's bard, Thoumann Othellit, assisted by recounting inspiring tales and legends to the panicked townspeople.

The druid, Festan, sped through the night sky to the west in the shape of an owl, looking for the humanoid army marching on Palischuk. Evana Vega the elf warrioress, prepared her archer position at the top of the tower of Tyr. Stalith, the party's battle leader, worked with Tarl in preparations.

Festan located the humanoid army, disturbingly organized and equipped, 700 strong. Mostly orcs, with several ogres and two hill giants acting as siege equipment. A large, and uncannily intelligent ogre led the troops. Festan sped back on whispering wings, and hour ahead of the dawn and the threatening army. The town was as ready as it would be.

The army stopped 120 yards ahead of the main gates and sent a mounted orc forward to deliver the demand: Deliver the riches of this town or suffer the consequences. The bard, using his Eyes of Charming, captivated to orc and pumped information from him. Very alarming was the realization that a second, more powerful humanoid army was waiting two days away in reserve.

The ogre leader, furious at watching his messenger willingly enter the town and disappear, began the attack. The force split in two, one group attacking the gates. The other group marched to the opposite side with the two hill giants, who bombarded the walls with rocks. This was frustrated by the priests of Tyr, who plugged the gaps with Walls of Fire.

The party, made invisible by Dust of Disappearance, scattered to harass the army in their different ways. Festan started the long preparations for an Insect Plague. Kavitt the mage, flying invisible, peppered the massed troops with Fireballs, Confusion, and the like. Thoumann the bard frustrated the orcs climbing the walls at the front with Stinking Clouds and Flaming Sphere spells. Evana in the tower filled the Hill Giants with arrows. Stalith, invisible, attacked a running ogre, and got sprayed with black blood for his trouble.

Though the attack from the back was still frustrated by the Walls of Fire, the orcs at the front of the town pushed the defenders back into the town, fighting in the streets. Stalith charged the orc archers at the rear, who saw a partly visible wraith(?). Druweeza had up until now been getting into position for a backstab at the ogre leader... Struck, delivering a painful blow. The leader lashed out, seeking his unseen assailant.

The rear orc group charged into the city, exploiting a gap created by the one surviving hill giant... only to eat a Lightning Bolt cast by Kavitt. The town was pierced on both sides, yet the attack was faltering. The orcs in the city found themselves cut off from reinforcements by additional Stinking clouds, and cut off from direction by an insect plague afflicting their leadership. Stalith, who had been scattering the archers, found himself fleeing that same insect plague. He spied the ogre leader running for the town, and slew him with a sword stroke. More magic cast from the air turned the tide, and the orcs turned and fled the city.

The town was badly damaged. The walls to the rear were rubble, and the front was in flames. With yet another humanoid army threatening attack, the decision was made to burn the dead -- friend and foe -- and abandon the town.

The characters will surely leave the area, adventuring in other lands. But when the time comes to introduce them to the H-series modules, I have a 'hook' to easily pull them back into the Bloodstone lands. They'll never forget the Defense and Abandonment of Palischuk!

Old Empires (FR10)
In addition to being a regional map of the area (Chessenta, Unther, Mulhorand, and Eastern Shaar), the big color fold-out map has inset maps of Skuld ("City of Shadows") and Luthcheq.


"This booklet presents the Old Empires for DMs and players alike. Descriptions of all the major cities and towns, maps of the most important ones, information on the people, places, economies, geography, and cultures of these countries are within these pages.
Prepare, then, to enter the realms of god-kings and pharaohs, of strange magic unknown even to the likes of the Red Wizards of Thay. These are the Old Empires."

1990 ... Scott Bennie ... 96 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9274 ... ISBN 0880388218

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Dwarves Deep (FR11)
"It takes most adventurers in the Realms a lifetime to learn more than a handful of the secrets of the dwarves.
The seeking cost some their lives.
But Elminster's agreed to change all that.
Welcome to Dwarves Deep. Welcome to the secrets of the dwarves.

This sourcebook is one of a series that belongs on the bookshelf of any dungeon master exploring the rich land (and dark under-realms) of the Forgotten Realms. It presents an introduction to the Deep Folk of Faerun, three unique races of dwarves. Virtually all of the famous 'dungeons' of the Realms, explored by adventurers seeking treasure, magic, and lore, were built - and in most cases, once occupied -- by the dwarves. Learn their ways and unlock their secrets.

In the pages of Dwarves Deep, readers will find:
• Dwarven spells of earth and fire,
• Dwarven magical items of rare quality and power,
• Details of the dwarven language, their names and runes,
• Details of dwarven clans, priesthoods, and adventuring brotherhoods,
• Details of dwarven lands and settlements, including the fabled riches, ways, and armies of the Great Rift, the Deeps, and the Lost Kingdoms,
• New monsters and notes on dwarven halfbreeds and the special powers wielded by dwarven High Olds Ones,
• Special metals and alloys used by the dwarves to hone the blades that slay their enemies,
• Dwarven beards...and much, much more!"

1990 ... Ed Greenwood ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9300 ... ISBN 0880388803

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Horde Campaign (FR12)
"This is the first in a series of reference books aimed at the recreationist. In these pages are the battles fought by Yamun Khahan, Batu Min Ho, and all the others caught up in the sweeping Horde campaigns. The strategies and disposition of forces are set forth in plain terms. Sixteen color plates show the arms and armor used by each army.
Battlesystem Rules statistics allow for the complete recreation of each battle fought in this massive campaign. Ten interior maps deliniate the terrain and forces involved in each major confrontation. With this book you, too, can fight from the edges of far eastern Kara-Tur across the steppes into the heartlands of Faerun. Wheter you wish to replay the wars in precise detail, or try your own strategies, this is the book that will help you achieve your goals."

1991 ... Curtis M. Scott & Doug Chaffee (color plates) & Karl Waller (b&w art) ... 64 pages ... TSR 9324 ... ISBN 156076130X

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Anauroch (FR13)
"The Great Desert. Where The Winds Wail. Grave of The Lost Princes. The Great Sand Sea. Not a place many sane folk in the Forgotten Realms want to visit. But there are plenty of the other sort, who come hence to find wonders both beautiful and dangerous.
The deadly, shifting sands of Anauroch hide -- and occasionally, tantalizingly reveal -- the riches and strange treasures of The Lost Kingdoms, swallowed long ago. The legendary wealth of The Cities of Gold lies somewhere in its sandy depths.

So, too, do worse things: fell monsters, famous in adventurers' tales (and listeners' nightmares) across the Realms. Evil, crawling magic whose counterspells have been long forgotten, whose death slumbers lightly, ever-ready to awaken and strike down the unwary intruder.

In the pages of this sourcebook, Anauroch comes to life. Its dark, innermost secrets are revealed, and the colorful cultures of the Bedine -- and beings far worse -- are explored. This guide to the most important 'forgotten' land of the Forgotten Realms presents new rules galore: new spells, new adventures, new monsters - and much, much more."

1991 ... Ed Greenwood ... 96 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9320 ... ISBN 1560761261

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The Great Glacier (FR14)
"Strange sentiments, perhaps, from one who lives in what many perceive as a frozen wasteland, but the philosopher Inum speaks for the Ulutiun people of the Great Glacier. Their tribes share that icy landscape with arctic dwarves who enjoy sunbathing, sled-animals that are hardier than dogs, and fierce monsters that live nowhere else—and thrive in the freezing air.

The Great Glacier is the first supplement for the FORGOTTEN REALMS® campaign setting to detail an Inuit-based culture. In this booklet is fact-based information on building a snow-house, surviving in sub-zero temperatures for extended periods of time, and more ideas for fantasy campaigning in an arctic setting. For those who are tired of the normal, temperate, "you-meet-in-the-tavern-and-proceed-to-go-adventuring" games, here's something completely different.

Make sure your characters dress warmly—it gets nippy at night on the Great Glacier."

1992 ... Rick Swan ... 96 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9351 ... ISBN 1560763248

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Gold & Glory (FR15)
"The jingle of gold and the chance to earn glory in the battlefield motivate many people to answer the call to arms. These men and women are mercenaries, willing to fight someone else's battle for the chance to earn a few coins or lasting fame. Gold & Glory describes the mercenary companies of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. The famous and the infamous are detailed within: the Flaming Fist, possibly the most powerful private army on Toril; The Mindulgulph Mercenary Company, certainly the most bizarre; the honorable Bushido, the sly Masquerade, the snobbish Order of the Blue Boar, the hard-fighting She-Wolves, and many more. Many of the companies are brought to life in the 16 full-page full color portraits in this sourcebook. Gaming information, including statistics for Battlesystem Game scenarios, is offered as well. Player characters can adventure with these mercenary corps, earning gold and glory for themselves."

1992 ... Tim Beach ... 64 pages ... TSR 9373 ... ISBN 1560763345

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The Shining South (FR16)
"Far off in the south exist countries of legend. Here live the powerful, reclusive mages of Halruaa, the cheerful halflings of Luiren, and the traders of Durpar and Var the Golden. Come along on a risky visit to Dambrath, a country ruled by an alliance of drow and the priestesses of Loviatar, or to Ulgarth, where the only true coffee in the Realms in grown.

Prepare to shop the fabulous markets of Durpar, break bread at the bakeries of Luiren, or see the horse fairs of Dambrath. The lucky among you might even catch a glimpse of a Halruan skyship, floating through the skies above the Great Sea, or witness the breathtaking, seemingly choreographed Dance of the Dolphins.
This sourcebook contains the necessary gaming information for a FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign to expand into the countries collectively known as the Shining South."

1993 ... Tom Prusa ... 96 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9388 ... ISBN 156076595X

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