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Unspeakable Oath

Call of Cthulhu

Classic Campaign - Classic Scenarios - Gaslight - Dreamlands - Present Day - D20 Cthulhu - Pagan Publishing (Delta Green) - Unspeakable Oath


Unspeakable Oath, Issue 1

CONTENTS: The Dread Page of Azathoth, by John Tynes; Firearms in Call of Cthulhu, by John Crowe; Good Tidings from Shantak Claus; New for Cthulhu; The Ponape Predators, by Kevin A. Ross; The Road to Mali, by John Tynes; A Tale of Terror, by Steve Hatherley; Creating and Using Mythos Tomes, by John Tynes; Within You Without You, by John Tynes; Message in a Bottle, by John Tynes.

1990, 1991 ... 56 pages ... Pagan Publishing

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Unspeakable Oath, Issue 2

Contents: The Dread Page of Azathoth; A Tale of Terror; Automatic Weapons in Call of Cthulhu; A Chip Off the Old Blob; The Case of Mark Edward Morrison; Yeah, But What Does It Look Like?; Grace Under Pressure (RSV Wallaby); From Ponape to the Stars; Fischbuchs; Remnant; Message in a Bottle.

March 1991 ... 56 pages + inserts

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Unspeakable Oath, Issue 3

A Tale of Terror - The Spider-Man; U.S. Handguns; Mysterious Manuscripts; A Tale of Terror - Men In Black; The Case of Mark Edward Morrison; You Are Cordially Invited (auction catalog insert); A Tale of Terror - The Boods; The Travesty; The House on Stratford Lane; Excerpts from The Investigative Journals of Mikhail Aksakov; Message In A Bottle (fiction).

Summer 1991 … 68 pages

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Unspeakable Oath, Issue 4

American Shotguns, 1860 to 1940; The Paranoia Files; Dreams Lost At Sea; A Visit To Dunwich; From The Investigative Journals of Mikhail Aksakov; Creatures & Cultists; From The Journals of Alexander Hale, Ph.D.; Mysterious Manuscripts; The Case of Mark Edward Morrison; A Tale Of Terror - To All The Shapes At Sea; Dark Denizens of Dreams And Beyond.

Fall 1991 … 60 pages

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 5 (Call of Cthulhu)

"Feeling hunted? Do people persecute you because you're somehow...different? Just because you have gills on your neck and wear spooky t-shirts? Then come with us to the Emerald Isles, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, and all that jolly rot. This, you see, is the British Issue of The Unspeakable Oath, chock-a-block full of articles and scenarios for Call of Cthulhu gaming in the U.K. There's so much cool stuff in here we can't begin to summarize it all, but just for starters you'll find: ley lines, a disease that turns your blood to jelly, ancient monoliths, friendly pubs, a spectral hound, and the biggest, nastiest monster this side of the Great Old Ones. Got your interest? Then get hooked. Stop feeling like a fish out of water. Devour The Unspeakable Oath - then cross your heart and hope to die."

Spring 1992 … 80 pages

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 6 (Call of Cthulhu)

"What's in your basement? Something dark and festering? Something that lumbers up the rickety steps into your bedroom while you sleep? We know what's in ours - Call of Cthulhu 5½. And you’ll find it inside. What is it? We took Chaosium's CoC5 and munged it up— with new skills, new occupations, and new ways to handle magic and sanity in the game. And to get your CoC5½ campaign rolling, we present the Randolph Peirce Foundation, a gallant bunch of intrepid investigators based in Arkham, who are looking for a few good members. With floor plans of their mansion, background and history of the Foundation, and a roster of allies you’ll be up and spooging in no time. Which is a good thing, because this issue's scenario "Blood on the Tracks" takes no prisoners. It's The Unspeakable Oath, and it's definitely binding."

Summer 1992 ... 80 pages

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 7

I love the Blair Reynolds cover art. Reynolds also did quite a bit of work for Digest Group Publications (DGP).

CONTENTS: * The Dread Page Of Azathoth, by John Tynes * Scream And Scream Again, Letters From Lunatics * The Paranoia Files, by Philip H. Garland * Mysterious Manuscripts, by Thomas M. Stratman * The Case Of Mark Edward Morrison, by Mark Morrison * The Eye Of Light & Darkness, Reviews, News & Spews * A Tale Of Terror: The Carpet by Steve Hatherley * Message In A Bottle, by Marie E. Listopad * more

Fall 1992 ... 80 pages

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 8/9

"What's big enough to choke a dhole and chock-a-block full of Mythos monstrocities? This special double-issue of 'The Unspeakable Oath', of course! Inside you'll find scenarios, new monsters, new spells, bizarre articles and a big parody section with its own adventure."

Winter 1993 ... John Tynes (editor/publisher) ... Pagan Publishing ... 160 pages

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 10
FEATURES: Crucifix & Crucible; Trouble in Budapest; Esoterica - What the Deities Mean; Quirk Skills. SCENARIOS: All Good Children; In Media Res.

Fall 1993 ... Pagan Publishing

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 11
"This issue's cover is by artist Dennis Detwiller, depicting the arrival of the King in Yellow at the Court of Yhtill. Articles include the Mythos in colonial New England; Lovecraftian films and how to run better games by watching them; and a look at the island of Ponape. Two scenarios dealing with cults are included: in "Cold War" you play Ithaqua cultists in 1990s Toronto; "Two Minutes On High" puts the investigators between warring cults in 1920s New England."

Fall 1994 ... 64 pages ... Pagan Publishing

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 12
The Case of Mark Edward Morrison. A Zoologist's Addendum. The Seventh Gateway of the Mirage. Ghosts in the Schoolyard. Too Many Masks. The Strangue Bible.

Spring 1995 ... 64 pages

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 13

1995 ... 64 pages

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 14/15
Losing Sanity. The Lord of the Yellow Sign. Dead... and Buried? Oily Grave. Facing Racism in Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu. Charles Fort (investigator). Charles Fort's X and Y. The Hand of Y'golonac. The Knights Templar - A Secret Society.

1997 ... 128 pages

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Unspeakable Oath - Issue 16/17
Out-of-print periodical devoted to all genres of Call of Cthulhu, from Classic to Delta Green.

March 2001 ... 128 pages ... Pagan Publishing

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Courting Madness
Only 200 numbered copies were printed. Includes material from The Unspeakable Oath issues 1 - 3.

CONTENTS: The Dread Page of Azathoth (John Tynes); Yeah, but what does it look like? (Chris Klepac); A Chip off the Old Blob (Scott David Aniolowski & Kevin A Ross); A Tale of Terror: Grim Portrait (Steve Hatherly); A Tale of Terror: Little Death (Steve Hatherly); Grace Under Pressure (John Tynes & Jeff Barber); You are Cordially Invited (Thomas Stratman); The House on Stratford Lane (John Crowe); The Travesty (Chris Klepac)

Pagan Publishing

Grace Under Pressure (The Resurrected, Vol 1)
"You are on the sea floor, 1500 feet below the surface. Around you there is only cold and dark — the sun's caressing rays bring nothing to this world. The pressure here is over six hundred pounds per square inch. This is a lethal place. There must be caution in every move you make, or the sea will claim your body and your soul. You and your companions are aboard the RSV Wallaby, a prototype research vessel of your own design. This is its maiden voyage; the attention of the world is upon you.
You are not alone.
And in the hours to come you will die. Unless you can master the fine art of Grace Under Pressure...

Unlike most Call of Cthulhu adventures, "Grace Under Pressure" is not intended for campaign play. This book includes eight pre-generated characters for use with the game, as well as guidelines for your players to make up their own. Extensive notes on how to present the adventure theatrically are included, with emphasis on lighting, props, and sound effects. The adventure uses a unique dual-Keeper presentation, but can also be run by a single Keeper."

1993 ... 20 pages + five 11x17" player handouts ... PAG 2100

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Of Keys & Gates (Call of Cthulhu: The Resurrected, Vol. 2)
"The Resurrected: Reprints from the pages of The Unspeakable Oath...
collects the best material from the early out-of-print issues of the world's premiere digest for Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu role playing game. Each volume of this series features quality material revised and expanded from the original appearance, with all-new artwork. The scenarios in this volume originally appeared in TUOl and TUO3, of which 1600 copies were printed."

1994 ... 32 pages ... PAG 2101

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