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Supremacy - Game of the Superpowers

Supremacy: Game of the Superpowers [BOX SET]

Many more photos of a 1986 set over at my Game Gallery:
Supremacy (1986): Cold War Superpowers Strategic Game – Players Get Nukes

• Game Board 30" x 20"
• Play Money
• Banker's Tray
• Rules Sheet
• Plastic Playing Pieces -- armies/navies/ mushroom clouds
• Deck of 65 Resource Cards
• 6 Supply Centers
• Strategy and Tactics leaflet

"Here is your chance to be the leader of a Superpower. Your objective is to conquer the world through economic, political and military strategy.
Supremacy is the game where you make decisions that face Superpower leaders today. Should you sell oil or buy grain? Build armies and navies or launch laser stars? Your toughest decision will be: to "nuke" or not to "nuke".
The key rules of the game appear on the board. This leaves your mind free to think about strategy...
Supremacy is a game for two to six players. It is a game for people who would rather shape the world than be shaped by it."

1984, 1986, 1992 ... SUP 100 ... ISBN 0921225008

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Resource Deck Two
"Introducing new challenges...
Resource Deck Two adds new excitement to Supremacy. Each time you play with Resource Deck Two, it's virtually a new game. Different random elements are introduced in almost infinite combinations depending on which rules you use and how you play the existing and new decks.
This 65 card deck changes the economic and strategic value of territories. The deck provided with the game is based on reality. Saudi Arabia, for example, is a major oil producer. With Resource Deck Two, all bets are off.
Resources could be re-located anywhere - even offshore, in the light blue seas. With Resource Deck Two in play, the world's largest oil company might be Taranaki Oil of New Zealand. Commodities may be unevenly distributed. A global oil shortage might drastically affect supply and demand, forcing players to buy more from the market, thus inflating prices. On the other hand, minerals might be over-supplied and prices depressed. And with the world's largest mineral producer re-located in Central America... anything could happen. Resource Deck Two also introduces nuke-proof resources.
The new deck offers alternative play options and may eliminate some or all of the nuke or L-star cards from the game (it's players choice). This will stop the nuke first, think later players in their tracks and promote more creative strategic planning.
Use Resource Deck Two as a stand alone deck, or play with both the first and second decks together, or 'half and half. Each method gives new combinations. Whether you play by the stand alone, double-deck rules, or double shuffle split - you'll find that the addition of random elements to Supremacy adds to the fun, for players new to the game and old hands alike."

1987 ... SUP 101 ... ISBN 0921225024

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Supremacy: Field Marshall's Handbook [BOX SET]
"The Field Marshall's Handbook opens up new vistas for Supremacy players. This five-part, easy to follow Handbook answers all of the questions you have ever wanted to ask about the rules, and how to apply them. It includes hints on how to improve your game... and your chance of winning. Rule variants to add new challenges to play are introduced, and an in-depth guide to strategy and tactics will help you develop your Grand Strategy to Conquer the World.
Whether you're new to the game or a tournament-level player, the Field Marshall's Handbook has something for you.

Part One - Questions and Answers: This is in response to the many letters received since the game was first released in November, 1984. This section will resolve almost all disputes on rule interpretation.

Part Two - Rule Variants: Part Two outlines a number of new rules to vary the play of the game. Whether you decide to "Raise the High-Tech Stakes", or use the new rules on Convoys and Escorts, Multi-Theater Attacks, NSF (Nuclear Systems Failure), or Rocket Technology, to mention just a few, play will be more exciting than ever. This section will be of particular interest to experienced players.

Part Three - Strategy and Tactics: In Part Three, you will learn exactly how to develop a Guns or Butter policy during the order of play. It discusses the key elements of a Grand Strategy -- economic, political and military. How to choose an objective? Why extend foreign aid? What is the perfect economy of force? When attacked, should you retreat, capitulate or escalate? Military operations against superpowers including Operation Hub of Europe and Operation River Ob East are described in detail.

Part Four - Rules for a Two-Player Game: Rules designed specifically to enhance the play of the game when there are only two players are outlined in Part Four.

Part Five - Tournament Rules: Part Five will be useful at your next game convention, whether you’re a participant or an organizer of a Supremacy Tournament. TPAS, the Tournament Point Allocation System which awards points for territories captured to maximize the action is explained.(Both the rules and TPAS can be used for non-tournament play with your friends or for staging your own local tournaments.)"

1987 ... SUP 102 ... ISBN 0921225040

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Warlords and Pirates of the Neutral Zones [BOX SET]
"With this addition to Supremacy new challenges must be met before you can achieve world domination. Warlords and pirates have taken over all neutral territories and seas. If you want to occupy these zones, you must be prepared for a fight.
The warlords and pirates are strong opponents. They defend their territories and seas* from attack. Pirates blockade ports, then charge you passage money when you want to get your resources out.
The warlords and pirates add more depth to an already exciting game. For example, with Warlord Sivaji now in charge of India, if you prospect and find Mahabir Mines there, you must pay Sivaji the company salaries. Pirates also control the seas around India. Sharjah occupies the Arabian Sea and Nicobar controls the Bay of Bengal. Having paid salaries to the ruling warlord, you still must pay passage money to either Sharjah or Nicobar to let your minerals through their blockades.
Warlords and pirates are military-minded. This means that superpowers can sell them nukes and L-stars which they will use when attacked. It also gives the superpowers a major new source of income.

Armies and Navies:
This expansion set contains new black plastic playing pieces. Cubes represent the warlords' armies and the oblongs are the pirates' navies.
Supply Center:
The supply center is divided into two parts: part one for the warlords, and part two for the pirates. This is where you record their cash, nukes and L-stars. The name of each warlord and pirate is listed next to the territory or sea which he controls.

(* The 'Resource Deck Two' expansion set for Supremacy changed the location of the world's resources and introduced resource cards in some of the light blue seas.)"

1987 ... SUP 103 ... ISBN 0921225067

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Neutron Bombs, Killer Satellites, Missile Silos and Spaceports [BOX SET]
"This expansion set contains new and much more powerful strategic weapons for use in Supremacy. The Neutron Bombs and Killer Satellites will challenge you with more tactical and strategic options when waging war. You must secretly choose which technologies you plan to develop these decisions will directly affect your military posture and readiness.
A player may fire Neutron Bombs at a territory, destroy his opponent's armies, then later occupy that territory with his own armies. This maneuver permits him to receive and use any Resource Cards located there.
The Killer Satellites are designed for attacking the Laser Stars. They are very powerful and can give you a significant edge in a battle. Use them for destroying your opponent's Laser Stars before a major conventional attack or before a neutron or nuclear strike. When you have wiped out the high frontier defense system of your opponent, the battle is half won.

About the Silos and Spaceports:
Each colored disc represents one Missile Silo. You may build Silos In any territory that you occupy. They are used to fire nukes and Neutron Bombs. For example, if you have six nukes in your Supply Center and three Missile Silos, you may only fire three nukes per attack.
Two of the colored discs may be placed one on top of the other to represent Spaceports. You may build Spaceports in any territory that you occupy. This will limit the number of Laser Stars or Killer Satellites that can be launched. For example, if a player has three Spaceports, he may only launch three Laser Stare or three Killer Satellites or any combination thereof per turn.

Playing Equipment:
This expansion set contains new rules plus 348 plastic playing pieces - mushroom clouds and discs representing Neutron Bombs, Killer Satellites, Missile Silos and Spaceports. They come in the six bright colors of the Supremacy superpowers."

1988 ... SUP 104 ... ISBN 0921225105

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The Middle Powers
"Two new superpowers are introduced to Supremacy in this expansion set. The Federation of Australasia and the Dominion of Canarctica will cause major shifts in the global strategic balance. Try out your Grand Strategy with these two newly emerged superpowers - suddenly you see the challenges and opportunities facing the world from a new perspective!
The Federation of Australasia presents a new and very significant threat to the Chinese. They no longer have a safe back door to the South Pacific, therefore must deploy forces to circumvent the crisis. This strategic development is much appreciated by the Russians, traditionally the prime target of a squeeze play by the Chinese and the Europeans.
Australasia is uniquely positioned to make amphibious assaults against Africa, South America and other neighbours in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans.
The Dominion of Canarctica is a major new front for the USA. The Americans are forced to maintain a large military force along their northern border to remain safe from attack. Plus, they must seek out new resources in distant, risky territories, which will strain the abilities of their conventional forces. This is good news to the Russians, who have long envied the USA its secure borders and ocean-sized moats.
The Europeans are advised to keep their guard up. Canarctica is within easy reach of Europe - an amphibious assault force can be across the pond very quickly.
Use the Middle Powers for a seven or eight player game. Or, substitute them for two of the six superpowers that came with Supremacy. Very challenging superpower combinations can emerge if you include the Middle Powers when using the "Random Open" rule.

Playing Equipment:
This expansion set contains 216 durable plastic playing pieces, representing armies, navies-neutron bombs, killer satellites, missile silos and spaceports* - in two new superpower colors, two full color Supply Centers and rules.

(* These plastic playing pieces are included so that you can use them with the Neutron Bombs, Killer Satellites, Missile Silos and Spaceports expansion set. It introduced new strategic weapons for each superpower and can be purchased separately.)"

1988 ... SUP 105 ... ISBN 0921225121

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High-Tech Edge for Conventional Forces
"Add the power of high technology to your conventional forces. The High-Tech Edge introduces new movement and combat features for your armies and navies. These features can give you a major tactical edge during your next conventional battle.
By secretly researching and developing high technology, you could get the edge on your opponents before the battle begins. You can keep your technology a secret or sell it to your allies. However, be careful and make sure that it does not fall into the hands of your foes, who could use it against you.
Reduced movement costs through high technology will leave you with more resources for selling, fighting or building, Lower movement costs will make airborne and amphibious assaults on distant hot-spots more affordable and less risky.

Superior technology will give your forces a High-Tech Die Roll and Edge Points during a battle. This edge could make the difference between victory and defeat.

Playing Equipment
This expansion set contains new rules and two decks of cards. Each deck consists of 40 cards, showing Tech Level ratings from one to five with eight cards for each Tech Level.
• The Army Deck
• The Navy Deck
Note: Since there are eight cards for each Tech Level you can use this expansion set with The Middle Powers, for playing a seven or eight player game."

1989 ... SUP 106 ... ISBN 0921225148

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High-Tech Edge for Strategic Forces
"About the High-Tech Edge for Strategic Forces...
Increase the power and the reach of your strategic forces. The High-Tech Edge introduces new attack and defense features for your Nukes, L-Stars, Neutron Bombs and Killer Satellites. These features can give you a major tactical edge in your next conventional or strategic battle.
By secretly researching and developing high technology, you could get the edge on your opponents before the battle begins. You can Keep your technology a secret or sell it to your allies. However, be careful and make sore that it does not fall into the hands of your foes, who could use it against you.
High-Technology improves the performance of your missiles. Each Nuke and Neutron Bomb missile can be upgraded to carry a maximum of five warheads. These warheads can be aimed at one target for a Staccato Strike or at two or more targets for a Blitter Blast.
Upgrade your L-Stars and Killer Satellites to meet the new threats. Now, they may fire two shots, one at the missile during its boost phase and another at the warheads when they are released for re-entry.
Superior L-Stars get a High-Tech Die Roll and Edge Points during a conventional battle. When L-Stars and Killer Satellites clash, High-Tech Edge Points can make the difference between achieving space superiority and disappearing into cosmic dust.

Playing Equipment
This expansion set contains new rules and four decks of cards. Each deck consists of 40 cards, showing Tech Level ratings from one to five with eight cards for each Tech Level.
• The Nuke Deck
• The L-Star Deck
• The Neutron Bomb Deck
• The Killer Satellite Deck
Note: Neutron Bomb and Killer Satellite card decks are included for use with the Neutron Bombs, Killer Satellites, Missile Silos and Spaceports. Since there are eight cards for each Tech Level you can use this expansion set with The Middle Powers, for playing a seven or eight player game..."

1989 ... SUP 107 ... ISBN 0921225164

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Unconventional Forces
"Playing Equipment
This expansion set contains new rules, an officer roster sheet and three decks of cards. Two decks contain 40 cards each and the third has 65 cards.
• The Assassins and Spies Deck
• The Saboteurs Deck
• The Special Weapons Deck

About the Unconventional Forces...
Use the Special Services of assassins, spies and saboteurs to surprise your foes and get the edge on them before the battle begins. Spies can find top secret information about your opponents, such as the location of hidden resource cards or the tech level of conventional or strategic weapons.
Saboteurs can destroy valuable resources in an enemy's supply center, or sabotage resource companies, armies, navies and strategic weapons. They can even overthrow the foreign governments of warlords and pirates. The saboteurs can solve your big problems quickly and efficiently.
Send your best admirals and generals to lead your forces in the heat of the battle. Depending on their skill, they could make the difference between victory and defeat. If needed, you can send assassins to eliminate enemy admirals and generals and perhaps turn the tide of the battle in your favour.
Special Weapons in the fields of biological, chemical arid environment warfare will broaden your tactical choices. This unholy trinity of science gives you new, cheap, but deadly weapons. Use these test-tube weapons from smallpox to nerve gas to destroy armies and grain fields or create hurricanes that will crush naval fleets with one blow."

1989 ... SUP 108 ... ISBN 0921225180

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"Playing Equipment:
This expansion set contains new rules and four decks of cards. A total of 164 cards with 328 headlines of News, Rumours or Acts of God.
• Fortuna Deck One
• Fortuna Deck Two
• Fortuna Deck Three
• Fortuna Deck Four

About Fortuna...
Niccolo Machiavelli knew that even great leaders could be made or destroyed by "Fortuna" -- luck. Be it good luck or bad, see if you can lead your superpower through these uncertain times.
Mother Nature unleashes her fury with earthquakes, typhoons and solar storms, costing you millions of dollars in damage, sinking your ships or destroying your L-stars. Droughts and floods will drive grain prices up. But a bumper crop of grain will send prices down. You'll never know when or where these things will happen.
Labour strikes, oil well fires or mine explosions can occur at any moment and suddenly the market prices start to rise, giving you a chance to make big money. On the other hand, the discovery of a new oil well sends oil prices down as well as your hopes for cornering the oil market.
Coups by warlords can force you to send armies to crush revolutions in both distant colonies and home territories. At other times, the warlords will send you an unexpected tribute payment. The extra cash is always appreciated.
Plagues like smallpox, yellow fever and anthrax can break out anywhere, anytime and reduce your armies to a mere shadow of their former glory. Let's hope these servants of the grim reaper don't appear at your door.
Remember, the misfortune of one man is the opportunity of another. Be ready to seize the day."

1989 ... SUP 109 ... ISBN 0921225202

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Boomers: Ballistic Missile Subs (Miniatures of War Expansion Set)
"Boomer submarines constantly prowl the ocean depths with their arsenal of nuclear ballistic missiles. These leviathans of the deep play a powerful role in your strategic forces.
Watch your foes sweat and yield to your command as they face the sudden threat of a nuclear strike. Surprise, overwhelm and penetrate their laser star defense systems.
The critical edge is yours. The ocean depths conceal your boomers as they slip into position and sink enemy ships.
Now if your land based nukes are captured or destroyed, you'll always have a nuclear reserve lurking beneath the waves.

This expansion set contains new rules and 40 miniature boomer submarines made of durable plastic. There are five boomers color-matched for each superpower. Boomers have also been included for use with the Middle Powers expansion set. Each detailed miniature is 2 1/4 inches long (58 millimeters)."

1990 ... SUP 110 ... ISBN 0921225261

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Main Battle Tanks: Miniatures of War (Supremacy Expansion Set) [BOX SET]
"These heavy metal, modern-day knights are just what the army needs -- more firepower. They excel on a fast-paced and fluid battlefield. Send your main battle tanks to boost morale and to help your armies punch though your enemies' front lines.
Tanks are tough and can blitz their way into the heart of your enemies' defenses. Their speed, might and firepower can shift the bottle from a doubtful outcome, to a decisive victory. They'!! deliver and take a lot of punishment on the battlefield. If property used at the tactical level, they'll give your armies incredible firepower support, destroy your foes and give you the spoils of war.
When you deploy tanks, your opponents will become very uneasy and wary. They'll be watching every move you make and doubting every word you say. A battalion of main battle tanks poses a major threat to the military security of your neighbors. Be prepared to use them.
Carry out your diplomatic moves under the shadow of these mechanized warriors. Station tanks in your vital territories when you want to tell opponents to stay out and where to go. The looming threat will force friend and foe alike to submit to your will.

Main Battle Tanks are color-matched to each superpower. There are 40 miniature tanks, five per superpower. Tanks have been included for use with the Middle Powers expansion set. Each tank is 1 1/2 inches long (38 mm)."

1990 ... SUP 111 ... ISBN 092122530X

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Mega Supremacy (Commander-In-Chief's Rule Book To, Challenge Of The New World Order)
"The Supremacy challenge continues in the New World Order. The threat is global and the struggle endless. Mega Supremacy combines the roles to the basic game and the first eleven expansion sets into one game system, and includes the following:

New Sources of Income
Now you'll receive tribute payments from the foreign territories you occupy. Use the extra cash to build more weapons.

Detailed Stages of Play
Each stage has been divided into phases, which will guide you when you are determining player sequence, drawing fortuna cards and using the special services ol assassins, spies and saboteurs. Now you’ll know
who can do what and when.

Tables, Charts and War Planning Map
The appendix contains tables and charts for quick and easy reference when you are building weapons or waging war. Now you'll have the cost of your ambitions at your finger tips. Use the map to carefully plan your
battles in distant zones.

War Cabinet
This rule allows a team of players to lead a superpower to victory by appointing each player to a specific role, such as Commander—in-Chief, Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. Use your collective skills
to negotiate treaties with allies and to plot the battles to destroy your foes."

1991 ... Robert J. Simpson ... 186 pages ... ISBN 0921225369

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Colonial Legions and Merchant Marine [BOX SET]
"USE YOUR COLONIES TO SUPPLY RESOURCES AND MEN: When you build armies, the number of troops you can deploy is limited by the number of territories you occupy. Now your colonies are important for their raw resources and manpower. The more countries you occupy, the more men you can send to war. When you need troops, you'll draft any rogue from any colony.
GET RESOURCES QUICK, BUT NOT CHEAP: Use your merchant marine to ship your grain, oil or minerals in a hurry. You can even get your precious cargos when you're under attack. The more merchant ships you own the more resources you can ship. You can buy anything from anywhere, if you have the money and the ships.
SECURE YOUR SEA LANES OR ELSE: Beware! The enemy may use his warships and subs to sink your merchant ships. Your days of war are numbered if you're cut off from your supplies of grain, oil and minerals. Remember: no ships, no sales; no money, no victory.
• Building Armies: Each turn you can build up to three armies for each territory you occupy.
• Tonnage Max: The bigger the fleet, the safer your shores. Each merchant ship can transfer a maximum of three units per turn.
• Danger Pay: If you try to ship resources during the attack stage, you'll have to pay your merchant seamen danger pay. Middle Powers' playing pieces included.
• 480 Armies and Colonial Legions, color matched to the superpowers
• 160 Navies and Merchant Ships, color matched to the superpowers
• 160 Decals to identify your Merchant Ships
• 18 Nuclear Mushroom Clouds
• Rule Booklet (16 pages)"

1994 ... SUP 112 ... ISBN 0921225407

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Boomer: Extra Missile Subs Blister Pack
"This package contains 10 high quality miniature boomers - ballistic missile submarines.
Each detailed, plastic miniature boomer measures 2'/4 inches in length (58 millimeters}.

How to Use
These miniatures can be used with Supremacy, another game system or to make up your own game.

Attention Supremacy Field Marshalls:
In the Supremacy game, you can place these boomers on the game board to show where a pirate has bought a boomer. This will make it easier for you to keep track of the boomer sales to pirates."

1990 ... SUP 901 ... ISBN 0921225288

Supremacy, High-Tech Edge for Conventional Forces and the Middle Powers are trademarks of Supremacy Games Inc.

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