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Earthdawn Sourcebooks & Adventures


Denizens of Earthdawn Volume One
"The eight name-giving races of Barsaive form the heart and soul of the land. They share many many experiences and beliefs, but have their own cultures and traditions. Each race is unique and together they breathe life into the land of Barsaive.

Denizens of Earthdawn, Volume 1 provides an in-depth look at four of the races of Barsaive: T'skrang: flamboyant, reptilian beings whose swashbuckling bravado reflects their zest for life. Humans: versatile enough to learn the skills and talents of every race, they adapt quickly to any situation. Elves: beings of deep feelings and spirituality, they seek to restore their culture's former glory. Windlings: small, winged beings whose passion for change makes them mischeivious and unpredictable.

Denizens of Earthdawn, Volume 1 describes the elves, Humans, T'skrangs and Windlings in detail and provides race-specific Disciplines, new talents, and special rules for for playing each race. Heavily illustrated, this fascinating and invaluable reference is for Earthdawn players and Gamemasters alike."

1994 ... 128 pages ... FASA 6101 ... ISBN 1555602266

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Denizens of Earthdawn Volume Two
"Eight Name-giving races dwell in the land of Barsaive, each with its own culture and traditions. Despite their differences, they are bound by shared experiences, beliefs, and love for their land. Together they embody the heart and soul of Barsaive.
Denizens of Earthdawn, Volume II provides an in-depth look at four of the Name-giving races of Barsaive:
Dwarfs: stout and stubborn, the industrious dwarfs are the cultural and political leaders of Barsaive.
Obsidimen: ancient beings of living rock, these stone giants are perhaps the oldest and most mysterious denizens of Barsaive. Orks: passionate and savage, their love for life is surpassed only by their love for battle!
Trolls: bestial in appearance, these gargantuan mountain dwellers are both fierce and honorable.

Denizens of Earthdawn, Volume II describes the dwarfs, orks, obsidimen, and trolls in detail, and provides race-specific Disciplines, new talents, and special rules for playing each race. Heavily illustrated, this fascinating and invaluable reference is for Earthdawn players and gamemasters alike."

1994 ... 144 pages ... FASA 6102 ... ISBN 1555602371

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Legends of Earthdawn, Volume 1
"Horrors and Heroes, kings and common folk, all have their place in the colorful legends of Barsaive. From the tale of a magic mirror that ensnares the souls of all who gaze into it, to the hero Ciarra Shy-Ru, who captured a Horror with a magical chain and sacrificed her life to slay it..."

1995 ... 88 pages ... FASA 6103 ... ISBN 1555602355

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Creatures Of Barsaive
"The Horrors are not the only threat to those who travel across Barsaive. The wild creatures of the land, some twisted by the Scourge into living nightmares, pose many dangers to the adventurer unlucky enough to cross their path. The beautiful death moth, with its fatal sting... the fierce pangolus, whose claws can disembowel a troll with a single stroke the hell hound, whose magical fire burns everything it touches... all these creatures and more may be the death of the unwary adventurer unless he can defeat them in the pursuit of his quest.
Creatures of Barsaive describes fifty of the most fearsome and fascinating creatures in the province of Barsaive, bringing them to life with wealth of detail and beautiful illustrations. Told from the point of view of a great dragon. Creatures of Barsaive also offers some insight into that mysterious and powerful species. Included are guidelines for using creatures in Eatthdawn adventures, a system for creating new creatures, and suggestions on handling the effects of specific creature powers in your game."

1994 ... Fraser Cain ... 120 pages ... FASA 6105 ... ISBN 1555602509

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The Adept's Way
"Adepts are the heroes of Barsaive, fighting to reclaim and rebuild their Scourge-ravaged land. The magical Disciplines they follow grant them fantastic powers and shape the way they see the world. A warrior sees life as a battlefield, and wields sword and shield with magical brilliance. A troubadour sees the world as a tapestry of tales and uses his magic to spin stories and songs that sway the heart. An archer divides the world into missles and targets, and powers her bow with her Discipline's magic. Through their Disciplines, adepts forge a bond between the world, powerful magic, and their own innermost selves.

The Adept's Way offers players and gamemasters an inside look at being an adept in Earthdawn. This sourcebook fully describes each of the 15 magical Disciplines most often practiced in Barsaive, from the point of view of an adept of that Discipline. The Adept's Way also includes extensive new rules for using Disciplines in Earthdawn adventures, acquiring multiple Disciplines, and role-playing suggestions for adepts."

1994 ... Robin D. Laws & Teewyn Woodruff & Sam Witt & Nigel d. Findley & Nicole Frein ... 144 pages ... FASA 6106 ... ISBN 1555602606

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"Horrors offers a chilling, intimate view of the astral-spawned creatures that ravaged the world of Earthdawn during the Scourge. Presented as a compilation of documents recording what is known of Horrors both great and small, this book provides players and gamemasters with a unique perspective on these abominations: What they are, what they do, and how and why they continue to attack the inhabitants of Barsaive. This sourcebook describes more than twenty Horrors, including fifteen of the most powerful and dangerous of their kind. Horrors also offers new Horror powers and abilities, clarifications of existing Horror powers, and guidelines for using Horrors and their deadly spawn in adventures and campaigns."

1995 ... Robin D. Laws & Teeuwynn Woodruff & Greg Gorden & more ... 112 pages ... FASA 6107 ... ISBN 1555602592

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The Serpent River
"The Serpent River sourcebook offers gamemasters and players an indepth look at the Serpent River and the people who live along its shores. This book includes detailed descriptions of the six great t'skrang trading houses, the thriving coastal city of Urupa, and various settlements along the Serpent and its major tributaries. It also includes new rules for ship combat, plus descriptions and statistics for several new riverboats and other types of water craft."

1996 ... Sean R. Rhoades ... 136 pages ... FASA 6109 ... ISBN 1555602886

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The Book Of Exploration
"Legends of Earthdawn, Volume Two: The Book of Exploration offers players and gamemasters more than 20 tales of wonder and legend, drawn from the adventuring journals and diaries of adepts from all across Barsaive. These tales describe all manner of dangers and marvels, including new Horrors and creatures as well as mysterious lands unexplored in Earthdawn's Age of Legend. This book also provides suggestions for creating adventures based on easch of the entries, including game statistics for several new creatures and Horrors."

1996 ... 88 pages ... FASA 6110 ... ISBN 1555602932

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Throal: The Dwarf Kingdom
"The kingdom of Throal is the heart of Barsaive, the center of culture, commerce and knowledge. The dwarfs united the people of Barsaive and threw off the yoke of oppression; now traders and adventurers from the dwarf kingdom travel across the land, bringing prosperity and liberty to every town and village. But beneath Throal's stable surface, turmoil and political intrigue are simmering. Driven by ancient grudges and personal ambition, enemies of King Varulus lay dark plots for a future under a new ruler. An aging monarch, his small circle of loyalists, and a crown prince unready to shoulder the burdens of rule are all that stand between the Kingdom of Throal and disaster ...
Throal: The Dwarf Kingdom offers Earthdawn players and gamemasters an in-depth look at the mighty dwarf kingdom. From the bustling, noisy Grand Bazaar to the majestic chambers of the Royal Hall, the Kingdom of Throal encompasses seven cities full of people from all walks of life: dwarf merchants, ork tavern-owners, t'skrang swordmasters, windling thieves, and countless others. This sourcebook offers adventure hooks and reams of additional material for Earthdawn adventures and campaigns set in Throal and the surrounding area, it also includes a complete Index of gamemaster characters for easy reference."

1996 ... Robin D. Laws ... 184 pages ... FASA 6111 ... ISBN 1555602967

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Earthdawn Survival Guide
"From the disease-ridden Mist Swamps, home of the great dragon Aban, to the barren, horror-infested Badlands ... from the inferno of Death's Sea, domain of fearsome fire spirits, to the mysterious Wastes, a smoke enshrouded place of perpetual darkness, the wilds of Barsaive hold lethal dangers for would-be adventurers.
The Earthdawn Survival Guide offers players and gamemasters a detailed look at the hazards of exploration and adventuring in the land of Barsaive. This sourcebook includes first-person accounts of Barsaive's myriad dangers, from the hazards of underground and wilderness expeditions to the dangers of traveling, as well as descriptions of the Badlands, Death's Sea, the Mist Swamps, and the Wastes. The Survival Guide also features an extensive game-information section that includes rules for travel and exploration hazards, first aid and healing, and guidelines for creating a variety of Earthdawn campaigns."

1996 ... Stephen Kenson ... 120 pages ... FASA 6112 ... ISBN 1555602975

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The Blood Wood
"The Blood Wood sourcebook leads Earthdawn players and gamemasters into the depths of the Blood Wood, one of Barsaive's most mysterious and dangerous places. It provides a detailed look at the Elven Court, including Queen Alachia's palace; the five great elven noble houses, the blood warders and exolashers, powerful magicians and elite warriors who serve the elven queen; and the many different regions of the vast forest where the blood elves live. It also includes descriptions and statistics for several new creatures, as well as rules for playing blood elf characters."

1997 ... 152 pages ... FASA 6113 ... ISBN 1555603130

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The Theran Empire
"Since the end of the scourge, Thera has slowly but surely reclaimed many of the far-flung lands it once ruled and remains the greatest power in the world of Earthdawn. This sourcebook lets players roam throughout Earthdawn's mightiest realm. It describes the island city of Thera from which the Empire sprang, as well as five Imperial provinces with an assortment of unusual cultures, new types of magic, and new creatures and races. 8 color plates, 50 b&w illustrations."

Great Thera stands at the heart of a far-flung empire full of strange customs, awe-inspiring beauty, and great intrigue. Travelers through these provinces mus be wary of Thera's influence, but even greater dangers lie in the unfamiliar creatures and people native to these lands.

In Creana, magical, multicolored shifting sand constantly changes the shape of the province, killing the unwary traveler in a land where dragons dare not go.
In Talea, a strange, unborn god rules the lawgivers, who compete among themselves for the favor of their Passion and the loyalty of the people.
In Indrisa, fierce, multi-armed demons do the bidding of righteous Passions.
In Marac, gleaming cities of brass symbolize the pride of a people that use the Horrors themselves in an ongoing war against Theran domination.
In Vasgothia, remnants of a war between Passions and Horrors lie scattered throughout the deep forest, protected by a people constantly reborn in the image of their ancestors."

1997 ... Robin D. Laws ... 176 pages + fold-out map in the back ... FASA 6114 ... ISBN 1555603246

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Secret Societies of Barsaive
"They work in the shadows, behind the scenes of everyday life. They may be the village blacksmith, the rug merchant down the street, or the simple old woman next door. They are members of Barsaive's secret societies, clandestine groups of every description whose anonymity is their safeguard and their strength. Unseen and unsuspected by most ordinary folk, they pick at the threads that hold the tapestry of Barsaive together. There are the Keys of Death, silent killers who spill their victims' blood on the ground in hopes of freeing Death from imprisonment beneath Death's Sea; cultists of the Horror Verjigorm, who aid their dread master in his quest to destroy all dragons; and many more!
The Secret Societies of Barsaive sourcebook describes fourteen of the most significant secret groups operating in Barsaive, including their goals, plans and potential roles in the coming conflict between the Kingdom of Throal and the Theran Empire. Secret Societies of Barsaive will add intrigue and excitement to any Earthdawn campaign; these cults, spy networks and other secret groups can serve as antagonists, allies, movers behind the scenes and sources of adventure hooks galore."

1997 ... 116 pages ... FASA 6115 ... ISBN 1555603254

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Crystal Raiders Of Barsaive
"Forced to raid to survive, the crystal raiders strike from the skies in their magnificent wooden airships, taking what they need and cutting down any who stand in their way. Known for the unique crystal weapons that gave them their Name, the highland trolls find beauty in the harsh environment of the mountains, which also inspires their rich, complex culture of honor, duty and loyalty. Made up of many individual clans and moots, only the power of their fierce hatred of the Therans can force them to cooperate with each other. Other nations know that Barsaive may never escape the threat of the Theran Empire without help from the crystal raiders, but the first step is finding a way to gain and hold their trust a task that may require many to die before it is accomplished.

Crystal Raiders of Barsaive offers Earthdawn gamemasters and players an indepth look at the troll raider clans that sail Barsaive's sides and prey on the lowlands. This book describes the nine most powerful trollmoots in Barsaive, including their histories, goals and significant members. Crystal Raiders of Barsaive also includes new rules for airship combat, descriptions and statistics for several new airships and airship weapons, and numerous adventure ideas to help gamemasters incorporate the crystal raiders into their Earthdawn adventures and campaigns."

1998 ... 152 pages ... FASA 6116 ... ISBN 1555603440

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Ork Nation Of Cara Fahd
"Cara Fahd is caught in the middle as the conflict between Thera and Throal intensifies and war looms on the horizon. Anti-ork forces harass their borders and a myriad of dangers threatens the stability of this new nation. With thousands of orks having gathered from all over Barsaive, tension reigns as former bloodsworn enemies must work together to ensure their own survival.
The Ork Nation of Cara Fahd is a sourcebook for Earthdawn that offers gamemasters and players an in-depth look at the newly reborn ork nation. This book describes the nation's recently founded capital city of Claw Ridge and its leaders in detail. It also provides descriptions of the most significant and powerful ork scorcher tribes and cavalries that have joined this new nation, and the conflicts that motivate them. The Ork Nation of Cara Fahd also includes descriptions and statistics for several new magical items and creatures, as well as adventure ideas to help gamemasters incorporate the ork nation into their Earthdawn adventures and campaigns."

1998 ... Jennifer Brandes & Chris Hepler ... 128 pages ... FASA 6117 ... ISBN 1555603459

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Magic: A Manual of Mystic Secrets
"...expands the use of magic in the Earthdawn game and provides rules for using magic in previously unexplored ways. In addition to offering a spell design system, this book describes new uses for thread magic and blood magic..."

1996 ... 144 pages ... FASA 6201 ... ISBN 1555602827

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Arcane Mysteries of Barsaive
"Arcane Mysteries of Barsaive is a rules supplement for Earthdawn. This book contains more than 200 new spells for the Elementalist, Illusionist, Nethermancer and Wizard Disciplines, over 70 new talent knacks for all Disciplines, and more than 60 new magical items, from common items to legendary treasures."

1997 ... Louis J. Prosperi ... 104 pages ... FASA 6202 ... ISBN 1555603173

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Mists of Betrayal
"The amulet of finely wrought silver surely holds potent magics, but without the key to unlock its powers it's just another piece of pretty jewelry. One man can unravel the talisman's secrets and unleash its hidden forces: Hiermon, wizard of Haven. Of course, the mage demands a price for his services. A simple errand, but one that will take you into the dark domain of Alachia, the Beautiful and the Terrible, Protector of the Blood Wood and Ruler of All Elvenkind..."

1993 ... John J. Terra ... 104 pages ... FASA 6301 ... ISBN 1555602185

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Terror in the Skies
"An innocent visit to the city of Travar catapults you into danger, intrigue, and an ancient, magical mystery. Flying, fire-breathing Horrors plague the city's skies, attacking merchant airships and slaying their crews. The chief of Travar's Flying Patrol asks your help; your quest to defeat the monsters leads you to a hidden, windling kaer high in the Thunder Mountains..."

1994 ... Shane Lacy Hensley ... 94 pages ... FASA 6302 ... ISBN 1555602223

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"Deep in the isolated hinterlands of Barsaive, where strangers are met with fear and suspicion, lies a tiny, isolated village. When tales of strange powers possessed by one young villager began to spread, it was only a matter of time before the black-clad fanatics of the Grim Legion arrived to investigate these dire rumors.

These vigilantes pronounced the girl Horror-tainted, corrupted by foul evil -- a pestilence to be purged from the land.

Held captive by the Grim Legion's reign of terror, this village's only hope lies with a small band of unsuspecting adventurers...

Infected is an Earthdawn adventure for 6 to 8 characters of any Discipline of Circles 2 through 4"

1994 ... 80 pages ... FASA 6303 ... ISBN 1555602290

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Parlainth Adventures
"From the famed ruins of Parlainth and the explorer's mecca of Haven come four tales to chill you to the bone, four adventures to challenge even the bravest, most cunning heroes!

For characters of First to Fourth Circles"

1994 ... 80 pages ... FASA 6304 ... ISBN 1555602452

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Shattered Pattern
"Someone has stolen the old elf's memory, and you have few clues -- some coins, an amulet, and an old map that leads to a treacherous wasteland plagued by the wreched disciples of a terrible Horror. Will you help the old one? Can you solve the mystery -- and live to tell the tale? Beware, for all is not what it seems, and the fate of Barsaive itself may rest in your hands!"

Shattered Pattern is an Earthdawn adventure for 6 to 8 characters of any Discipline who have reached the Fifth to Seventh Circles.

1994 ... Louis J. Prosperi ... 80 pages ... FASA 6305 ... ISBN 1555602568

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Sky Point Adventures
"Sky Point and the neighboring city of Vivane offer countless adventures for those daring enough to venture into Theran lands! Sky Point Adventures is a collection of three Earthdawn adventures for characters of Second to Fourth Circles."

1995 ... 80 pages ... FASA 6306 ... ISBN 1555602797

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"Blades is a campaign storyline for Earthdawn. The five linked adventures in this book lead the characters on a search for the Key Knowledges of the Blades of Cara Fahd. Blades is intended for Fifth to Ninth Circle characters of any Discipline."

1995 ... 104 pages ... FASA 6307 ... ISBN 1555603025

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Throal Adventures
"From beneath the Nine Halls of Throal and the Kingdom's Inner Cities come three tales of adventure and mystery to challenge even the bravest and most cunning heroes.
The search for the culprits behind a rash of thefts in Throat's Grand Bazaar leads to an isolated village of subterranean t'skrang on the shore of a river that has mysteriously run dry...
Strange rumblings beneath the nearly completed Inner City of Hustane threaten the city's safety. Adepts sent to investigate discover a danger more terrible than anyone suspected...
An ambitious ork merchant hopes to rediscover the ancient underground route between the Kingdom of Throal and the Serpent River. Unfortunately, every expedition he hires to search for it disappears in the kingdom's long-abandoned depths...

Beneath its tranquil facade, the Kingdom of Throal hides endless opportunity for thrilling adventure. Throal Adventures is a collection of three Earthdawn adventures for characters of Third to Sixth Circles."

1996 ... 80 pages ... FASA 6308 ... ISBN 1555603009

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Prelude to War
"Since the end of the Theran War, Barsaive has remained stable and at peace. But those peaceful days are ending, as events unfold that promise change and danger for Barsaive's people.
The arrival of a city-sized stone airship marks the long-dreaded return of the Theran Empire to Barsaive, the first step in the Therans' scheme to reconquer the province they once ruled....
The brutal assassination of King Varulus III brings Crown Prince Neden to the throne of Throal an untried, hotheaded youth who begins his reign as king with a military assault against Theran forces in Barsaive ....
A Theran magician's search for a young girl with mysterious powers draws the attention of Barsaive's great dragons, who want her for their own....
A new ork nation slowly forms in southwest Barsaive, as orks from all across the province migrate to their new homeland. Once enslaved and long disregarded, the orks mean to claim power and respect at last....

Prelude to War is a campaign supplement for Earthdawn. It describes four significant events occurring in Barsaive, each of which can form the core of a mini-campaign. Together, these four events create an Earthdawn epic that spells irrevocable change for Barsaive and for the entire Earthdawn universe. Prelude to War is intended for characters of Fourth Circle and above, of any Discipline."

1996 ... 120 pages ... FASA 6401 ... ISBN 1555603122

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