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Frank Herbert's Dune: Space Civilization Power Struggle Game [BOX SET]
A more rare edition was released at the time of the 1984 movie, featuring Sting and different art on the cover. The contents are identical to the 1979 boardgame edition.

Many more photos of the original edition at my Games Gallery blog:
DUNE: The Classic Boardgame by Avalon Hill (1979)


• Full Color Mapboard of the planet, Dune
• 6 Shields each with a full color illustration of the player's character
• 120 Circular Counters representing the armies involved in the battle for Dune
• 60 1/2" Square Counters used to count spice
• 30 2" Discs each with an illustration of a military leader
• Deck of 33 Treachery Cards
• Deck of 21 Spice Cards
• 2 Battle Wheels
• Player Aid Pad
• Rules Manual

"Among the countless planets inhabiting the galaxies of the universe is a small and inconspicuous bit of rock and sand known to its inhabitants as Dune. This planet has practically no vegetation and so little water that a man left exposed on its surface will die of dehydration in minutes. Storms with super-hurricane velocity sweep the planet's surface, and giant sandworms who are often over a quarter mile in length devour anything that moves on the open sand. This is the planet which is the only source of melange, a spice which prevents human aging and makes possible the prescient navigation among the stars which is essential for the continued existence of the galaxy's far-flung civilization. Dune is the focal point in a power struggle among the galaxy's most powerful factions. Whoever controls Dune and its spice has the power to rule the universe.

You choose one of the six warring factions to lead in the conquest of Dune.
Liet Kynes — After generations of habitation on Dune's harsh surface, your Fremen warriors are inured to all hardships. They are the greatest fighters of all. You are now ready to throw off the yoke of alien domination.
Baron Nadimir Harkonnen — You have governed and exploited Dune for many years. Your domination is now being threatened, but You have had time to infiltrate your enemies' forces and prepare traps. You are not about to give up the spice without a fight.
Paul Muad 'Dib — As the new ruler of Dune, your father was treacherously slain by Baron Harkonnen. You must now carry on his work with a ioyal band of well-trained warriors. Your greatest assets are your, as yet, untapped leadership abilities which will eventually propel you to master of the universe.
Emperor Shaddam IV — Years of over-confidence in your galaxial police — the feared Sardaukar — and your secret pact with the Harkon-nens have robbed you of your alertness. The situation upon Dune now demands your immediate attention. Will your Sardaukar be able to prevent another group from taking over Dune and using the spice to wrest away your power?
Edric — Your guild monopoly on space travel depends entirety upon an uninterrupted flow of spice to your navigators. It is now in danger. You must make sure no one can use it to blackmail you. Armed invasion may be your only solution.
Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohian — You and your sisters in the Bene Gessert have spent thousands of years grooming the various civilizations and worlds for a messiah which will bring you to power. The unplanned appearance of the messiah in the person of Paul Muad 'Dib has precipitated you to action before you're ready. But your powers of mysticism and mind control are secret abilities which allow you to make inroads on Dune without open aggression."

1979, 1984 ... AH 824

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Spice Harvest
"This module awards the main factions who are struggling for control of Dune key positions on the planet through a new and exciting struggle for control of spice production profits. Players engage in an economic and political intrigue which focuses on the management of the Dune spice harvests and the assignment of profits to other players. The objective of these economic intrigues is control of the best starting positions and superior troop strengths on the planet — the best foothold on Arrakis to begin the strategic and treacherous contest for the ultimate goal: control of Dune itself.

In this game module you get:
• 45 Spice Tokens
• 14 Spice Harvest Cards
• 10 Stronghold and 26 Troop Cards
• 30 Share Cards
• 10 Voting Cards
• One Home Planet Card for each major faction: Salusa Secundus (the Emperor), Wallach IX (the Bene Gesserit), Caladan (the Atreides), Giedi Prime (the Harkonnen), Arrakis, known as Dune (the Fremen) and a Guild Heighliner Card (the Guild).
• 5 Extra Treachery Cards for use in the main game: Hunter Seeker, Shield, Harvester, Thumper and Ya! Ya! Yawm!"

1984 ... AH 8241

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The Duel

"This expansion set introduces the intrigue and suspense of a Dueling Arena to the struggle for control of Dune. Players may call each other into formal blood feuds which result in duels to the death between two leaders. Leaders from all other players must attend the duel as seconds and will gain spice or lose their lives according to the results.
During the great coming together of events called a Nexus, each player must send a leader to the arena as a negotiator. If no alliances are formed, a War of Assassins takes place among all the leaders. Only one leader will leave the arena alive.
Main Character Leaders may be used in battles on Dune, in Duels and Wars of Assassins, These Main Character Leaders are more powerful then any other leader token; however if a Main Character loses his or her life, the player who is playing that Main Character is eliminated from the game.

In this game module you get:
• Main Character Leaders: Paul (Muad'Dib) Atreides, the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, the Emperor Shaddam IV, Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohian, Liet Kynes of the Fremen and Edric of the Guild.
• A full-color Dueling Arena
• 25 Dueling Cards
• 6 Blocking Tokens
• 5 Extra Treachery Cards for use in the main game; Elacca Drug, Poison Snooper, Cone of Silence, Residual Poison and Kull Wahad."

1984 ... AH 8242

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Dune: Intrigue et Conquκte dans l'univers de Frank Herbert

This game is in French, but includes English translation. Most of the game is language neutral and not very difficult to follow. This edition includes both the Spice Harvest and Duel supplements as well as rules for three other Houses previously only available from the General Magazine. Set thousands of years in the future, Dune the boardgame is based on the Frank Herbert novels about an arid planet at the heart of the human space empire's political machinations.

* game board
* duel board
* rules (french, with an english translation)
* 185 cards
* 2 combat wheels
* play pieces for 6 houses
* other chits and markers

1992 ... Descartes Editeur / Avalon Hill ... EAN 3289880001009

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Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium (Core Game: Limited Edition)
"The Imperium awaits you...

Experience the splendor... the danger... the intrigue of DUNE, as you and your friends step into the roles of House Mentals, Swordmasters, Nobles and Bene Gesserit Sisters in service to one of the Great Houses of the Landsraad. Stride across the scorching sands of Arrakis or finesse your way into an imperial gala on Wallach IX. Smuggle the spice melange to the rich and powerful, or lead your House's forces in a razzia against the Harkonnen oppressors. Endless adventure lies ahead!

The best-selling science fiction work of all time, with over 10 million copies sold worldwide, DUNE has been widely acclaimed as one of the greatest achievements of science fiction. Now you can experience this epic first-hand in roleplaying action-adventure! This detailed manual on the DUNE universe includes:
• A complete overview of the History of the Imperium and the all-powerful Spacing Guild — including material from the forthcoming DUNE prequel novel, House Atreides.
• Information on seven Great Houses and over twenty Houses Minor, along with rules for creating and running your own House.
• Imperial Planetology covering some fifteen key homeworlds, along with dozens of DUNE characters covered in detail, loads of weapons, armor, gear and "forbidden technologies," and numerous spacing vessels.
• Ready-to-play character Archetypes, including the Bene Gesserit Adept, Assassin, Swordmaster, Mental, and Noble.
• The Icon System™ game rules, which make character creation fast, simple and flexible. Combat rules include ritual dueling, "weirding combat" and vehicle chases.
• A complete starter adventure: Instrument of Kanly.
Enter The universe of DUNE — The grandeur and adventure of the Imperium await you!"

2000 ... Owen Seyler & Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson ... 286 Pages ... Last Unicorn Games/Wizards of the Coast WTC 21005 ... ISBN 078692005X

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The Dune Encyclopedia
Hundreds of entries in this reference authorized by Frank Herbert before his death.

For more detail and photos, visit my Games Gallery blog page

1983, 1987 ... Dr. Willis E. McNelly ... 526 pages ... ISBN 0425068137

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