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Deadlands - Weird West - Pinnacle Entertainment Group


Deadlands: The Weird West Roleplaying Game
"The year is 1876, but the history is not our own.
The American Civil War rages on, neither side able to establish a clear advantage. Most of California has fallen into the sea. The Sioux Nations have reclaimed the Dakotas. And the dead walk among us.
In Deadlands: The Weird West Roleplaying Game, players take on the roles of hexslinging hucksters, mad scientists armed with weird, steampunk gizmos, deadly gunfighters, fearless Indian braves, and wizened shamans.
In 1863, a vengeful warband called the Last Sons unleashed the manitous upon humanity, and nothing has been the same since. The world's gone to Hell, and sometimes you're better off dead. A few relentless heroes have returned from the grave to battle the abominations of these new myths and twisted legends, and their mysterious masters, the Reckoners. Come take a walk in the Deadlands.

If you dare."

1996 ... 221 pages ... Pinnacle (PEG) 1000 ... ISBN 1889546003
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1996 ... 221 pages ... Pinnacle (PEG) 1001 ... ISBN 1889546011
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Weird West Player's Guide
This book contains everything you need to play Deadlands: the Weird West. We've included 22 archetypes to get you started, as well as a quick tour of the Weird West - and some clues about how your heroes can best grind the forces of darkness under your cowboy boots! Make sure at least one hombre in your posse has the Marshal's Handbook as well!

1999 ... Shane Lacy Hensley ... 208 pages (hardcover) ... PEG 1100 ... ISBN 1889546577

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Marshal's Guide
"Being a Marshal's a tough job. Keeping a posse of smart-mouthed, pistol-packing, monster-hunting heroes in line can drive any hombre to an early grave. But don't worry, we're here to help. This handy new book is the sidearm you need by your side to lay down the law on those ornery cowpokes.

The Marshal's Handbook is the gamemaster's guide to the world of Deadlands: The Weird West. It tells you how to rope those broncos into your adventures and keep 'em on the run from the insidious horrors of the Weird West. This book is packed with all the handy rules you need to strike an intrepid posse insane with fear, stop a foolhardy huckster dead in his tracks, and drive an almost-mad scientist straight over the edge.

It's also got a whole passel o' nasty critters to throw at those do-gooders, all drawn up in living - well, undead - color. Plus, stick around for the lowdown on the best ways to torment those heroes who just won't stay dead - the Harrowed - and fine out exactly what those manitous squirming around in their rotten insides are up to. If you're good, we might even tell you what the Reckoners are up to and give you a guided tour of their horrific handiwork throughout the Weird West.

And because we have a hankerin' for fresh meat, we've included an all-new adventure - Comin' 'Round the Mountain - to get you started down that long, twisted trail into darkness.

The Deadlands: The Weird West roleplaying game has been extensively revised and expanded - and it's completely compatible with all existing Deadlands supplements."

1999 ... 208 pages (hardcover) ... PEG 1101 ... ISBN 1889546585

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The Quick & the Dead
"We're rounding up a posse. One with sand. One ready to spit in the fires of Hell just to hear the sizzle. One ready to laugh in the face of the Reaper even when the joke's on them. One ready to learn the forbidden lore of the Weird West without running screaming into the night.

Join us if you think you're up to it. But once you're in, there's no turning back. The Deadlands rulebook gave you the rules. Now it's time to give you the world—or at least the darkest corner of it. Inside this terrible tome, you'll find The Tombstone Epitaph's Guide to the Weird West, which tells all about the world of Deadlands, including the scoop on the election of '76, the Great Rail Wars, and the twisted tales of the High Plains. You'll also get the low-down on such rough-and-tumble towns as Deadwood, Tombstone, and Dodge—the "Heart of the West". To help you tenderfeet survive your journey, you'll also find new rules for posses and Marshals, including arcane lore on knacks, relics, and duels.

It's all here, but you'd best read it quick, 'cause there's only two kinds of heroes in Deadlands...the quick and the dead."

1997 ... 144 pages (hardcover) ... PEG 1002 ... ISBN 188954602X

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Book O' the Dead
"The Book o' the Dead draws back the curtain of death and reveals the secrets of those who have been beyond the veil - and back: the horrifying Harrowed. These die-hard heroes live with the curse that while they should be pushing daisies, an evil manitou has hooked into each of their souls, keeping them from their rightful rest. This terrifying text contains new rules for generating undead heroes from scratch, as well as over 50 new mystical powers for the Harrowed to draw upon. There's more about the mysterious Prospector and his plan for the manitous' bosses, the all-powerful Reckoners. Plus, it's got a full-scale adventure for cadaverous characters still knocking the grave dirt from their wobbly knees. So, it's time to turn to the business of living (so to speak) as an undead hero. It's time to turn away from the light and ignore the voices of loved ones calling you to paradise. It's time to return to your cold flesh, scrape the grave dirt from your eyes, and start learning the forbidden secrets in this book o' the dead. And never forget: you are the bogeyman."

1997 ... 128 pages ... PEG 1003 ... ISBN 1889546038

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Smith & Robards
"Smith and Robards are two of the most notorious of the so-called mad scientists in the Weird West, and they've built themselves quite an empire on their pledge to get you the latest gizmos built with bleeding-edge steam technology - no matter where you might happen to be. This book features the entirety of the very first Smith and Robards mail-order catalog, featuring dozens of brand-new gadgets sure to drive any tinkerer insane with delight. There are also all sorts of rules for vehicles like ornithopters, auto-gyro, submersible boats, and steam tanks, as well as how to use them in combat. Plus, there are four new archetypes for you to model your own heroes on. Best of all, there's a whole new class of ghost-rock based science: alchemy. Soon your intellectual powerhouse will be mixing elixirs with the best of them. Take it from the people who put the "mad" back into "mad scientist", You'd be crazy to let his book get away."

1997 ... 128 pages ... PEG 1004 ... ISBN 1889546046

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Hucksters & Hexes
Hucksters draw their knowledge of magic from cryptic codes scattered throughout Hoyle's Book of Games. This mystical sourcebook reveals Hoyle's innermost secrets, including hundreds of new hexes and other arcane lore.

1998 ... John Goff ... 128 pages ... PEG 1005 ... ISBN 1889546054

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Rascals, Varmints, & Critters
"If It Bleeds, You Can Kill It...
At least that's what all those guidebooks from Back East tell you, if you're silly enough to buy them. Of course, most of those tinhorns haven't ever set foot in the Weird West. Round these parts, you're lucky if the critter breathing down your neck has to draw breath, much less has blood flowing through whatever it's using for a heart.

If you're clever enough to pick up Rascals, Varmints & Critters, though, that's not your problem. This book has got everything you'd ever want to know about over 50 kinds of things you'd maybe rather not run into on a moonless night (or at any other time, for that matter).

The smartest folks wandering around the Weird West never get far without reading the pages of this well-traveled tome. Other folks, well, we usually don't hear too much from the dead, although these days you never can tell.

The most special thing about Rascals, Varmints & Critters, of course, is who wrote it: our fans. There are some twisted imaginations out there, and we've managed to wrestle those ideas between two covers to share with the world. There's all sorts of other stuff too, like rules for animal sidekicks, new facts on undead, and dozens of adventure hooks to get the Marshal's mind spinning.

Just pray that next critter bleeds!"

1998 ... 128 pages ... PEG 1006 ... ISBN 1889546062

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Great Maze [BOX SET]
• Great Maze sourcebook (128 pages)
• Field Report #325: The Chinese Fighting Arts (32 pages)
• Pass The Salt (32 pages)
• Poster map of the Maze in the vicinity of the City of Lost Angels
• 2 ship cards

"In 1868, a massive earthquake dropped Caifornia into the sea, leaving behind a shattered landscape of water-filled channels and canyons. Soon after, the stunned survivors discovered a fortune in gold and the mysterious superfuel known as ghost rock in the fractured cliffs.
Now everyone wants a piece of the Maze -- the Union, the Rebels, the Mexicans, the French, even the Chinese..."

1997 ... PEG 1008 ... ISBN 1889546089

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Marshal Law: This Harrowed Ground + Ghost Riders in the Sky + Marshall Screen

"Welcome back to the Deadlands, partner! Strap on yer six-shooters, 'cause yer in fer the ride of yer soon-ta-be-shortened life,
Marshal Law is a high-quality cardboard screen no good Marshal would be caught dead without. It's got a dazzling full-color painting by Ron Spencer, plus all the game tables you'll ever need, all laid out for easy reference.
When the lead starts flying, there's no time to be thumbing your way through a book. Be sure to do things right, and lay down the law — Marshal Law!
With the Marshal Law screen, you've finally got something to hide all your precious secrets behind. The Marshal Law adventure book comes complete with two all-new yarns chock full of horrific secrets guaranteed to send shivers down the spines of the bravest heroes.
Speaking of which, players get an all-new character sheet that's easier than ever to use, so there's something here for everyone. The Weird West was a lawless place -- until now!"

I hadn't noticed until now (6/2018) that there were two different printings of the Marshal Law GM screen. The booklets appear the same to me on a flip-through, but the screens are noticeably different.
1st printing (1996) screen has a sepia-toned interior. In terms of readability, it's pretty poor. There is little contrast between the text and the "crumpled paper" background graphic.
2nd printing (1998) updated some of the stats, or so I've read. The screen interior is now grayscale, and a bit more readable, but the "crumpled paper" background graphic remains to damage your eyesight and slow your game.
Interestingly, the "Hurtin' Thangs" header got changed to a more tame "Important Thangs" in the second printing.

1996, 1998 ... 48 pages + 3-face ref screen ... PEG 1009 ... ISBN 1889546097

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Ghost Dancers
"Come, friend, and I will tell you of the peoples of the Weird West, the tribes that were here long before the white men stampeded across our lands. We will be here long after they are gone.
Ours is a message of peace in an age of war. Battles rage everywhere, not just North versus South, but tribe against tribe. The Ghost Dance is the way to put an end to all that.
Of course, there are other paths within the tribes, even that of Raven, the shaman who brought the Reckoning down upon us all. But that way lies nothing but death.
Ghost Dancers is packed with everything you need to play Indians in Deadlands. It's got new Edges, Hindrances, Knacks, and gear, plus over 40 shamanic favors and more than 15 rituals. Also, there are notes on the differences between the tribes, the six kinds of shamanic medicirie, and even rules for creating and using medicine bundles (including fetishes and tribal relics). Plus, there are details on just how to travel from our world into the next: the legendary Hunting Grounds.
Don't be afraid to take up the Ghost Dance. It might be your tribe's only hope."

1998 ... 128 pages ... PEG 1010 ... ISBN 1889546208

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Fire & Brimstone
"Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition!

It ain't easy being one of the chosen in the Weird West. In the towns, evil folks of all stripes wander about the place, looking for good folks to lead astray. It's even worse in the wilderness, where creatures straight from the pits of Hell lurk, ready to rip off your good right arm faster than you can spit back a "Hallelujah!"

It's time for the forces of good to strike back.

Fire & Brimstone puts the wrath of God back into righteous fury. It's got rules for how to play blessed folks from many major faiths, from Bible-thumping Christians to enigmatic Buddhists. There are also more than 60 miracles for the faithful, plus two dozen all-new gifts and 20 different forms of divine intervention. It's all capped off by an adventure sure to send shivers down even the most pious spine.

After the Good Book itself, it's the next best thing."

1998 ... 128 pages ... PEG 1011 ... ISBN 1889546216

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Fortress o' Fear [BOX SET]

1998 ... PEG 1012 ... ISBN 1889546283

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City o' Gloom [BOX SET]
* City o' Gloom (128 pages)
* Thamaturgical Diffusion (32 pages)
* A Short Treatise on the Augmentation of the Human Body (32 pages)
* Color map (Side 1: Salt Lake City; Side 2: Skullchucker gameboard)
* 3 color cardsheets

"Life in the Weird West's™ never really easy, but some places are worse than others. If you:. fond of things like clean water, fresh air, and wide-open spaces, then the City o' Gloom's jus: about the worst place around.

Sure, Salt Lake City's the only place in the West with electric lights and indoor plumbing, and it's the center of the most incredible scientific advances anywhere in the world, but progress always has its price.

The City o' Gloom boxed set comes packed with everything you need to know about this city on the cutting edge of the Weird West's tomorrow. It includes a 128-page sourcebook (which covers the history and current state of affairs of Salt Lake City plus full rules for skullchucker™, the most popular bloodsport in the City o' Gloom), a 32-page digest on the mechanical augmentations of the human body performed by the outlawed Dr. Gash, another 32-page digest featuring new hexes for huckster mad scientists, three full-color cards (featuring a salt rattler, a landship, and counters for use with the skullchucker game), plus a full-color poster map featuring Salt Lake City on one side and a skullchucker gameboard on the other!"

1998 ... PEG 1014 ... ISBN 1889546240

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Law Dogs (Deadlands: The Weird West)

"Stop or I'll shoot!"

That's the way it is in the Weird West. Shoot first and ask questions later - if the thing you shot's still twitching.

It's a hard world out there, and the only thing that separates the quick and the dead is often a .45 bullet put in the right place at the right time. Even that's not always enough these days, so some of those who live by the gun have picked up the huckster's cards as well - anything to get an edge.

Law Dogs comes packed with all sorts of information about the law in the Weird West, the outlaws rampaging across the twisted landscape, and the lawmen whose duty itis to bring them in. It's got descriptions for over 100 gubs, plus vital updates to the Deadlands combat system, including new shortcuts to help Marshals run fights quicker than ever. There are even rules for hexslingers - a new type of gunslinging huckster - including a baker's dozen of brand-new hexes to blast critters back to Hell with.

Next to his favorite shooting iron and a fighting chance what more could a gunfighter ask for?"

1998 ... Steven Long ... 128 pages ... PEG 1015 ... ISBN 1889546267

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Road to Hell (Devils Tower #1)

1998 ... 48 pages ... PEG 1016 ... ISBN 1889546232

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Heart o' Darkness (Devils Tower #2)

1998 ... 48 pages ... PEG 1017 ... ISBN 1889546259

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River o' Blood [BOX SET]
* River o' Blood (128 pages)
* Color map (Side 1: New Orleans; Side 2: riverboat)
* Ranger's Bible Addendum #84 (32 pages)
* Trouble A-Brewin (32 pages)

"Mighty Miss, Ol' Muddy, whatever you want to call it, the Mississippi's one Hell of a long river. Some folks say it's the artery of the nation, but that was back before this blasted Civil War that's been dragging on for 16 years now. North and South are divided on this mile-wide lady just as much as they are all across the continent. But that's just one small part of what's made this vital waterway a river of blood.

The River o' Blood boxed set comes packed tighter than gamblers on a riverboat casino with everything you need to know about the Old Miss and the people and predators who ply her currents. It features a 128-page sourcebook including the Tombstone Epitaph's Guide to the Mighty Mississippi, complete statistics for many of the boats that float over and even under the river's surface, and lots more.

There's also a double-sided, full-color poster with a street map of New Orleans on one side. The other side's got a diagram of a typical riverboat that's set to scale with our Weird West™ miniatures, making it perfect for playing on.

As a bonus, there are also two 32-page digests. The first, "Trouble A-Brewin'," is a full-length adventure set in the steamy Big Easy. The second booklet contains the long-awaited voodoo rules, which give you all the details you need to roleplay your own cunning voodooist in Deadlands™: The Weird West™. It gives you the lowdown on the loas (the voodoo gods) and all sorts of brand-new spells that any conjure doctor would be proud to call her own.

So, if you're looking for mojo, kid, step on in. You've come to the right place!"

1998 ... PEG 1020 ... ISBN 1889546410

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Boomtowns (Deadlands: The Weird West) [BOX SET]
CONTENTS: * Boomtowns (64 pages)
* Marshal's Log (PEG 1022, 20 pages)
* 16 cardstock map pieces

1998 ... PEG 1021 ... ISBN 1889546445

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South o' the Border
"This 128 page sourcebook for the Origins award-winning Deadlands roleplaying game contains everything you need to move your game South o' the Border! Players can make homegrown Mexican heroes, and Marshals get the full scoop on Mexican politics, a whole passel of new abominations, and the truth about the sinister force biding its time in the steamy jungles of southern Mexico!"

1999 ... Steven Long ... 128 pages ... PEG 1027 ... ISBN 1889546682

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Rascals, Varmints, & Critters 2: The Book of Curses
"... If It Doesn't Bleed, You've Got a Problem!

The Explorer's Society barely scratched the surface of the Weird West(tm) with the 1877 edition of Rascals, Varmints, & Critters. Unfortunately, the book never made it to the public. The Society, never one to give up on a challange, is taking another shot at it. This time, they've called in a few experts to help them with their research.
If you're lucky enough to get your hands a copy of these notes, you just might stand a chance against the horrors and abominations prowling the mountains, prairies, deserts, and even the waters of the Great Maze itself!
If you're a Marshal, you can reload your cartridge belt with a passel of new abominations as well as details on some legendary horrors, like Dracula, El Diablo Negro, Frankenstein, and Springheel Jack. Rascals, Varmints & Critters II also contains some optional rules for those times when heroes catch one of the more unpleasant ailments the Weird West has to offer - vampirism and lycanthropy!
This 128-page supplement for the Origins Award-winning Deadlands roleplaying game lets loose a whole stampede o' new critters on the Weird West. Hunting season is open!"

2000 ... John Goff ... 128 pages ... PEG 1029 ... ISBN 1889546739

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"Cast a deadly spell...

If you're looking for a way to spice up your hero's existing magical arsenal, or interested in trying a new type of mysticism like voodoo or Eastern enlightenment, this is the book for you! Hexarcana is a complete library of arcane all in a single handy book.

Favors and hexes, kung fu fighters and thaumaturgical diffusion, divine intervention and guardian spirits - they're all here! Over 150 hexes, miracles, favors, spells, powers, and more are crammed into the pages of this book, all just waiting to be let loose in your Deadlands campaign.

In addition to new options for blessed, hucksters, and shamans, you'll find the complete rules for playing deadly martial artists, mysterious voodooists, and steampunk metal mages. We've updated and revised the popular arcane backgrounds from our boxed campaign sets and added more powers, hexes, and spells to their repertoire."

1999 ... John Goff ... 128 pages ... PEG 1032 ... ISBN 1889546860

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Derailed (The Great Rail Wars)
"The West has gotten a whole lot weirder these days. Sure, there are all sort of strange critters haunting the place, and the dead get up more often than you might want, but stranger yet is this thing called ghost rock, the mysterious superfuel that's the basis of the Great Rail Wars. Ghost rock's not only more valuable than gold, it's also what folks use these days to power all sorts of steam-driven vehicles.
Derailed! introduces these kinds of rigs to The Great Rail Wars. It's got full rules on air-, water-, and land-based rigs, plus full descriptions of over half a dozen rigs for use in your games, including the long-awaited rules for trains!
Derailed also comes complete with 16 sheets of full-color cardstock featuring plenty of troop cards, upgrade cards, and counters to make integrating rigs into your games as simple as possible.
So don't just stand there. Hop behind that wheel, and hit the road!"

1998 ... 64 pages + 16 cardstock sheets ... PEG 5001 ... ISBN 1889546224

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A Fist Full O' Ghost Rock: The Great Rail Wars
This book offers expanded rules for one-on-one duels, experience and veteran troops rogues and downtime between campaigns. A Fist Full O' Ghost Rock also features three full campaigns for Deadlands: The Great Rail Wars.

1998 ... Shane Lacy Hensley ... 80 pages ... PEG 5003 ... ISBN 1889546178

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