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Cyberpunk - R. Talsorian Games

Licensed releases by Atlas Games | Interface Magazine


Cyberpunk: The Roleplaying Game of the Dark Future (1st edition) [BOX SET]
Photos of a CP2013 box set over at our games blog

• Welcome to Night City: A Sourcebook for 2013
• View From the Edge: The Cyberpunk Handbook
• Friday Night Firefight.
• 4 pages of player aids.

1988 ... Michael Pondsmith ... R. Talsorian Games CP 3001 ... ISBN 0937279056

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Cyberpunk 2020
A box set was released at the time of the initial 1990 printing, and contained the Screamsheets supplement along with the core rulebook. Dissappointingly, R. Talsorian Games gave the box set the same product code (CP 3002), ISBN, and artwork as the rulebook.

Photos of a CP2020 box set over at our games blog

Version 2.01 of the rulebook was released in 1993, incorporating errata from prior printings and Screamsheets supplement into the text.

"The Corporations control the world from their skyscraper fortresses, enforcing their rule with armies of cyborg assassins. On the Street, Boostergangs roam a shattered urban wilderness, killing and looting. The rest of the world is a perpetual party, as fashion-model beautiful techies rub biosculpt jobs with battle armored roadwarriors in the hottest clubs, sleaziest bars and meanest streets this side of the Postholocaust. The Future never looked so bad.
But you can change it. You've got interface plugs in your wrists, weapons in your arms, lasers in your eyes, bio-chip programs screaming in your brain. You're wired in, cyberenhanced and solid state as you take it to the fatal Edge where only the toughest and the coolest can go. Because you're CYBERPUNK.

CYBERPUNK: the original roleplaying game of the dark future; a world of corporate assassins, heavy-metal heroes and brain burning cyberhackers, packed with cutting edge technology and intense urban action. Within this box, you'll find everything you need to tackle the mean streets of the 2000's — in a game system that combines the best in realistic action and playability.

• Rockerboys: Hard-rock heroes fighting for change with music & revolution!
• Solos: Corporate cybersoldiers — more machines than men!
• Netrunners: Superhot hackers who can crack any Data Fortress!
• Medias: Hightech reporters going to the wall to get the truth!
• Nomads: Cyberbiking renegades cruisin' the lethal highways of the Postholocaust!
• Corporates: Slick business raiders playing the deadly corporate power game!
• Techies: Masters of cybernetics in the heavy-metal age!
• Fixers: Streetsmart middlemen who know all the angles!
• Cops: Maximum lawmen in the big-city jungle!"

1990, 1991, 1993 ... 222, 254(?), 260 pages ... CP 3002 ... ISBN 0937279137

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Cyberpunk Data Screen
"When you're getting down to the Meat and the Metal, you don't have time to dig through stacks of hardcopy. That's why you need to interface with the Data Screen. All the information you need, in one place and at your fingertips, including new tables to make FNFF combat and Netrunning even faster. Plus: WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN; a 32 page Cyberpunk® adventure! Data Screen: your personal downlink to Cyberpunk® 2O20!"

1990 ... CP 3801 ... ISBN 0937279145 (recycled into a Mekton RPG product)

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PDF at DriveThruRPG

Cyberpunk v3.0
"In the Dark Future, the battlefield belongs to the new Lords of the Street: the DNA-shape shifting Reefers vs the full-body cyborgs of Corpore Metal, Desnai’s robo-enhanced mechajocks against the monster makers of Riptide, the nano-boosted roadwarriors of Rolling State against the cybertech megaweapons of the urban Edgerunners. And all of them up against the power of the emerging Neo-Corps--the resurrected Megacorporations who once ruled the world and destroyed it in their greed and arrogance. So get ready to hit the Street in this new incarnation of the now legendary roleplaying game of the Dark Future: a world so dangerous, so dark, that only the toughest, smartest and most cybered-up will survive. But you can deal with it. Because you’re ready. Because you’re Cyberpunk."

2005 ... 305 pages ... CP 4110 ... ISBN 1891933035

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Solo of Fortune
"Step into the world of the most dangerous CYBERPUNK character class -- the SOLO. Whether you walk the mean streets as a killer for hire, or swear allegiance to the megacorps as one of their cybernetic samurai, this new supplement is what you need to take your Solo character to the Edge!
In this exciting issue:
• FOCUS ON SOLOS: Types of Solos, specializations and skill packages
• EUROSTYLE: The lowdown on the most dangerous Solos of all
• WORLD SITUATION UPDATE: Where-to find combat action
• MODERN STREETGANGS: Chromers, Boosters, Posers and 'Dorphers as player characters
• THE WOULD OF GOVERNMENT SOLOS: CIA; KGB, Interpol and Mossad operations in 2013
• Plus vehicle combat rules, corporate wars, new weapons, new cyberwear and more!"

1989 ... 80 pages ... CP 3101 ... ISBN 0937279064

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Hardwired: The Sourcebook
"Mudboys, dirtgirls, zonedancers, buttonheads. They're all gravity-well dirt beneath the steel boot of the Orbital Platforms which control Earth. But the underground and the underworld have declared war against the Orbital Heaven: in the air with sleek delta fighters and military shuttles, in the interface of computer fraud and data flow, in flooded slum alleys with lasers and bombs. It's a war with new warriors, new legends.

It's Hardwired.

Based on the best-selling science fiction novel by Walter Jon Williams, the Hardwired Sourcebook is the complete reference guide to one of the cyberpunk genre's most famous works. Written by Hardwired's creator himself, the Sourcebook lets you take your CYBERPUNK campaign into a whole new world of action and adventure. HARDWIRED. Become part of the legend.

A Supplement for R.Talsorian's CYBERPUNK"

1989 ... 94 pages ... CP 3201 ... ISBN 0937279072

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Near Orbit
"It is the most hostile environment of all. It's boundaries are limitless, stretching beyond the sight of the most powerful probes. There is no air; no water. A deadly radioactive hail sleets through it's emptiness. Baked to boiling by the Sun; frozen to absolute zero on it's darkside, it can crack metal, powder plastic and boil oxygen. An unprotected man can exist in it's unforgiving realm for only a few moments, before his lungs burst, his blood boils away to steam, and his body freeze-dries. It is Space. ~~ On the very edge of Earth's atmosphere, a generation of human beings is carving out a life among the silent stars. Their weapons are the lance and shield of cybertechnology; welded together by human skill and the drive to conquer the Black Beyond. It is the world of the Orbital colonies. In NEAR ORBIT, you'll enter a new dimension of the CYBERPUNK universe - Space. Realistic rules for Zero Gee combat, radiation hazards, airless environments - they're all here, as well as complete stats and background on the tools, weapons, spacecraft and vehicles of the Last Frontier."

1989 ... 88 pages ... CP 3301 ... ISBN 0937279080

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"ROCKERBOY. The complete sourcebook and background guide to the world of Rock-and-Roll in 2013, Covering -
• Night City's feral club scenes, bands and trends.
• The Braindance, the ultimate entertainment.
• The decadent haunts of the superrich.
• The inside scoop on the deadly skirmishes of the media megacorps."

1989 ... 80 pages ... CP 3401 ... ISBN 0937279102

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The Night City Guide

"You can hear them moving up fast; faster than your meat legs can carry you. There's a snick as they pop the rippers and move in for the kill; you flatten against the alley wall, and brace your Minami against the slick, slimy stone. It's now or never, you think, slamming back the bolt and offering up a prayer to whatever dark and nameless gods might be listening.

Maybe if you'd known this was Blood Razor turf, you woulda been smart enough to stay clear after dark. Maybe there was another way to get crosstown and infiltrate Arasaka's Japantown base, but you didn't know it. Maybe if you'd stopped to download some info from a dataterm before you walked right into the sharp end, you wouldn't be here now, waiting to become a booster's latest mutilation victim...

But you're never gonna know. Not now. You're not getting a second chance.

Because this is NIGHT CITY.

NIGHT CITY. A monster sourcebook containing over 180 jam-packed pages of information on the definitive CYBERPUNK® setting! Hit the CONTROLLED URBAN ZONES with 3D maps and detailed, building by building descriptions to match. Each section also includes comprehensive overviews of FLOOR PLANS, PERSONALITIES, ENCOUNTERS and CONTACTS. The FLASHMAPS Section puts you "on the spot" at the hottest restaurants, clubs, and theatres, as well as SCHEDULES, TRANSIT MAPS and AREA VIEWS. the ARTICLES Section interfaces you with background on SECURITY, PEOPLE OF THE CITY, GANGS & TURFMAPS, plus a U.S. 2020 overview!

So, if you're looking for the ultimate dark future urban environment, take a trip to NIGHT CITY. because you may not live to get another chance."

1991 ... 184 pages + fold-out map ... CP 3501 ... ISBN 0937279110

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When Gravity Fails
A supplement for Cyberpunk. Adventuring in the World of George Alec Effinger's Novels.

1992 ... 101 pages ... CP 3601 ... ISBN 0937279129

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1991 ... 96 pages ... CP 3701 ... ISBN 093727917X

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Tales from the Forlorn Hope

1992 ... William Moss ... 104 pages ... CP 3121 ... ISBN 0937279218

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Corporation Report 2020
"Corpbook 1: Arasaka, IEC. The mega corps strike back! This is the first in a series of Merrill Auskaga & Finch Corporate Reports detailing the heavy hitters of the cyberpunk world. Home offices, official logos, uniforms, and equipement; it's all here. You want to know who the sharks are and where they swim? Corporate Reports clues you in with biographies on top stockholders and executives, plus their stndard operating procedures. Volume One profiles two of 2020's largest conglomerates, with Arasaka leading the pack."

1991 ... William Moss ... 88 pages ... CP 3111 ... ISBN 0937279185

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Corporation Report 2020, Vol. 2
"Weapons for cash, and private armies on demand! The Merrill, Asukaga & Finch Corporate Reports continue with the really Big Guns of the CYBERPUNK world: The Lazarus Group and Militech, Inc. From Emile Lazarus and his guns for hire to Militech's Donald Lundee and his plan for a world military monopoly -- here it is: Uniforms, equipment, vehicles & weapons. From the home office to the testing range -- to you! Corp Book II: Don't leave the boardroom without it!"

1992 ... 80 pages ... CP 3151 ... ISBN 093727920X

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Corporation Report 2020, Vol. 3
"WHO FEEDS THE MACHINES? Merill, Asukaga & Finch bring you the answer in CorpBook III, an in-depth report on the men that control the vital fuel in Cyberpunk, giant Petrochem and its Eurasian rival, SovOil. Filled with the same attention to detail on holdings, personnel, and equipment that catagorized RTG's first CorpBooks, Corporate Report III is the book to read for the 'Punk that's wondering where his next tank of CHOOH2 is coming from...

PLUS-CORP WAR SPECIAL REPORT! When two titans collide in the ultimate in hostile business practice, the result is inevitable - Corporate War! Now learn the inside story on the Second Corporate War, with M, A&F's historical and military analysis of both sides in this savage Eastern Pacific conflict."

1992 ... 88 pages ... CP 3161 ... ISBN 0937279242

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Chromebook 2: The Cyberpunk Style Guide Vol. 2
"Make a flashier statement with the chillest Cyb-ware; ride the smoother groove with the hottest cars; deliver more bang for the Euro with the most advanced weapons presented - this is the essense of Cyberpunk, the consumer items your edgerunner needs to make his mark on the streets of Night City.

Chromebook 2 showcases new electronics, chips, and software; plus bodyware - exotic biosculpting for the Euro-decadent and the Nuvo-riche. It's the cat's meow for those who want to be more than uniquely perfect... or just king of the urban jungle.

Also available for the first time ever: Total Body Conversions — the ultimate in cybernetic replacement!

All this and more in this year's Chromebook —You've already got the metal, now give it polish and an Edge!"

1992 ... 112 pages ... CP 3181 ... ISBN 0937279298

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Home of the Brave
The sourcebook for America in the dark future.

1992 ... 144 pages ... RTG CP 3221 ... ISBN 0937279366

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Maximum Metal: High-Powered Ordinance for Cyberpunk 2020

1993 ... 104 pages ... CP 3191 ... ISBN 093727934X

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Deep Space: The Interplanetary Supplement for Cyberpunk 2020
"...Deep Space expands Near Orbit's vehicle/equipment lists and contains maps of the Tycho/Copernicus Lunar colonies along with Mars' Chryse Base. As a bonus, we include the adventure Red Conflict -- unrest among the scientific stations of Mars!"

1993 ... Chris Young & Scott Hedrick ... 120 pages ... CP 3211 ... ISBN 0937279358

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Cybergeneration: The Final Battle for the Cyberpunk Future
Sequel to the Cyberpunk 2020 role-playing game. Set seven years later, the characters are nanotech-enhanced superhero-style youth who are feared by the adults.

1993 ... 192 pages ... CP 3251 ... ISBN 0937279404

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Wildside: The Cyberpunk Sourcebook for the Street

...and nobody knows it better than the man in the middle, the man who keeps the goods and the info flowing -- the Fixer. In this hot new supplement for everyone's favorite dealmakers, you'll get down to the dark underbelly of Cyberpunk; the "grungy, nervous, jury-rigged, and illegal" milieu of the urban go-between, where Money meets the Street and the real business of 2020 survival begins.

But being a Fixer's more than just shady alleyway deals. Wildside also lets you:

* Dive into the hi-rise world of the financial factors; the backstage manipulations of agents and managers, and the esoteric coinage of the info-bros, with their dataman networks.

* Specialize your Fixer in over a dozen of different ways from high-moving Salesmen and Moneybags to the lowlife Leeches and Go-Betweens.

* Create your own organizations. From setting up and running a "business" to a detailed dissection of the Street environment, Wildside gives you the details; up close and in your face.

Think you were Cyberpunk before? You don't know half, choomba. Now you're lookin' boga, dodgin' the gewalt, and fulfillin' your girl the hard way. Now you're walking the WILDSIDE."

1993 ... Benjamin Wright & Mike Roter ... 96 pages ... CP 3271 ... ISBN 0937279420

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Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads: The Unexpurgated Cyberpunk Referee's Guide

1994 ... 112 pages ... CP 3291 ... ISBN 0937279455

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Eurosource Plus: The New Eurotheater Sourcebook for Cyberpunk

1995 ... 144 pages ... CP 3421 ... ISBN 0937279676

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Blackhand's Street Weapons 2020: The Cyberpunk Weapons Collection
"Unless you stay hip with what's out there on the street being pointed at you, the next donor at the body banks is likely to be you.
In this, the definitive guide to street weaponry, noted Solo Morgan Blackhand has compiled statistics and information on every knife, pistol, submachine gun, bullet, grenade, and piece of personal artillery available in 2020. Prices, damage capability, availability — it's all in here. Plus, it's packed with illustrations so you'll know whether that Boosterganger is pointing a peashooter or a hand cannon at you.
This sourcebook for Cyberpunk® contains every weapon to ever appear in a supplement or sourcebook to date, from the devastating cyborg weapons in Solo of Fortune 2 to the Rhinemetall Railgun from Chromebook 2. Plus — one new gun; an innovative new design that players will love. Gunheads take note — if it has the potential to make things scream and bleed, it's in this book. Don't be caught in a dark alley without it."

1995 ... Derek Quintanar ... 48 pages ... CP 3461 ... ISBN 0937279757

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Firestorm: Shockwave - The Fourth Corporate War Book Two

1997 ... 144 pages ... RT 3491 ... ISBN 0937279854

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Licenced Cyberpunk adventures by Atlas Games

Night City Stories
"A packed 144 pages of adventure! Four interconnected stories: "The Slow Boat from Chiba," "Sweet Revenge Part One," "Deadline," and "Sweet Revenge II." The book is compatible with R. Talsorian Games' Night City setting, featured in the Cyberpunk rules and RTG's Night City Sourcebook. The stories may be played separately or as a rich campaign. Besides adventure text, gorgeous illustrations, and generous referee maps, this product includes many handouts for players, including news and gossip sheets, and hardcopy of information retrieved from netruns."

1992 ... Scott Mackay ... 144 pages ... AG 5005 ... ISBN 1887801340

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The Osiris Chip
"Cyberpsychosis — a devastating mental disorder in the world of Cyberpunk® 2020. Those who get too much "metal" — cybernetic enhancements — may become more machine than man, dangerous technological monsters with no regard for humankind.
But a new chip has hit the streets. It claims to restore humanity to those who have fallen to cyberpsychosis — restoring them to human life, as Osiris was resurrected by Isis in Egyptian mythology. In fact it the chip makes the cyborgs into zombie slaves for a corporation's nefarious plans.
The players' involvement is simple enough. When their characters take up an offer for a cut in some anti-corp action, they find themselves in a tight spot—suspected of distributing the chip, while being hunted by its true owners. The punks must think back to idle encounters at the start of the adventure. Somebody set them up. They have to find out who. By working their way back through the members of the O-Zone gang, the party may find its way to the real culprits. Of course, if the PCs seem too nosy, they may just persuade the gangs to flatline them.
Once the punks learn who their enemies were, they can think about revenge, and excavate the secret laboratory of the Osiris Chip."

1992 ... Thomas M. Kane ... 30 pages ... AG 5010 ... ISBN 1887801359

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The Chrome Berets: An Official Cyberpunk 2020 Campaign Book
"This campaign book is an exciting new approach to CYBERPUNK 2020 adventures by Atlas Games. The format encompasses a tough, no-holds-barred scenario that will challenge any player group's roleplaying and tactical skills; plus a wealth of valuable new game material that may be applied to any Cyberpunk campaign.
The PCs are hired to be mercenary commanders in a full-blown Third World conflict. At stake are the interests of entrenched oligarchs, military strongmen, revolutionary zealots, and big corporations. The cyberpunks get the opportunity to shape war and history in the 21st century.

The Chrome Berets features:

- Complete background on the Malagay Islands, a young pacific republic writhing under the twin hells of oppression and revolution. Isn't a tropical vacation just the thing for cyberpunks who've had too much of the big city?
- Dozens of non-player characters -- dubious allies, formidable foes, self-interested politicians, and unscrupulous middlemen -- who will interact with the player characters.
- An outline of plots, events, and NPC interests that gives the Referee all the information she needs, while judiciously avoiding a prescription of linear adventure. The characters' very goals, to say nothing of the story's resolution, are completely flexible.
- KILL OR BE KILLED: a mass-combat system for the Cyberpunk game. It's suitable for large-scale operations that the Friday Night Firefight system in the rulebook can't very well cover.
- New military hardware that your cyberpunks may put into action on the island -- maybe even bring home afterward. This source material could be used for any Cyberpunk campaign, anywhere in the world."

1993 ... Thomas R. Kane ... 96 pages ... AG 5025 ... ISBN 1887801375

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Chasing the Dragon
"A stolen attache case spells trouble unless the cyberpunks can find it, because someone is holding them responsible. This is no easy task in the Combat Zone. They're thrown into the middle of a dangerous game of corporate intrigue, greed, drug dealing, and inter-gang rivalry, and it's looking like nobody is on the team's side. Somewhere behind it all lurks the Dragon --the apparent thief, one of the best solos in the biz, and known to operate out of the Combat Zone. Chasing the Dragon through the worst (and perhaps most colorful) zone of the city, the team finds this enigma a wily opponent, and perhaps a most unlikely ally."

1992 ... Stephan Michael Sechi ... 64 pages ... AG 5035 ... ISBN 1887801383

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The Bonin Horse
"Awakened at 5:56 am, Saburo Arasaka is very angry. A submarine of his, the Eel, vanished at approximately 5:47 this morning. The submarine carrying Project 5.

By 6:15, Arasaka has bought out an entire company--International Defense Alliance--because it owns the Sentinel, the submersible closest to the Eel's last known location.

By 6:24 your cyberpunks are on the Sentinel, and already descending into the Bonin Trench. They must recover Project 5. They don't know what's down there, waiting for them. They will know soon.

Very soon.

The Bonin Horse is a Cyberpunk technothriller, featuring:

Flexible entrances--Player characters may be Arasaka special operatives, crewmembers of a submarine-for-hire, or even stowaways. A new and dangerous adventuring environment--the deep ocean. Relentless pacing--a story of non-stop, heart-pounding action."

1993 ... Eric Heisserer ... 31 pages ... AG 5050 ... ISBN 1887801413

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Cabin Fever

1994 ... Eric Heisserer ... 48 pages ... AG 5065 ... ISBN 188780143X

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Northwest Passage

1995 ... Andrew Lucas & Jeff Ranger ... 64 pages ... AG 5070 ... ISBN 1887801448

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Interface Magazine

Interface Magazine: Volume 1, Issue 1
"In INTERFACE you'll see the latest in cyberpunk expression written by fans like you.
* New Tech * Different Lifepath Options * Mod Cybertech * Gangs/Rock Groups/Nomad Families * Powerful Megacorporations * Cutting Edge Net Software * Puny Banana Republics * Terrifying Religions * Genetic Engineering

In this issue:
* "Move On Maggot!!!" Cops walking a tough beat in Night City
* Police Gang Profile: The Givers of Pain
* Corporation Profile: OTEC — Barons of the High Seas
* ALSO: Details of the Cyber Psycho Squad by Officer Maddox
* Book Reviews: Streetlethal and Vacuum Flowers"

1992 ... Prometheus

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Interface Magazine: Volume 1, Issue 2
"...in this issue of INTERFACE: The Magazine for the Cyberpunk® Enthusiast. And while you're on our block, stop in and visit some other urban notables like Larry Muir. Cyberspace Surgeon, Doc Roubichek the Immortal Nazi hunter, and the Spider Lady, rogue experimenter and feared Night City nut-case.


January 1991 ... 48 pages

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Interface Magazine: Volume 1, Issue 3
NuTech * Revolution Corporation * Artificial Intelligence * Reviews * Nu:Programs * Altered States * Nuscience

1991 ... 56 pages

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Interface Magazine: Volume 1, Issue 4

* A short look a nomads in Cyberpunks 2020, including the Wild Pack, Freight Mavericks and Ag-packs.

* The Right to Bear Arms: How to Manage Weapons and Amor in Cyberpunk.

* Dragons and Dragonslayers: Als and Rogue Hunter Profiles

* Corporation Profile: ConAg, an Agricorp Collosus.

* Alternate and Subordinate Character Classes

* Reviews: Moon 44, Trancers II, Blade Runner: The Director's Cut"

1991 ... 56 pages

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Interface Magazine: Volume 2, Issue 1
• Medias are in the spotlight in this issue.
• Mediatech: Hardware for the Media on the move.
• Talking Hard: Pirate Medias in 2020
• Just the Fax: Running a Media-style campaign.
• Electric Nightmares: Braindance and Wireheading
• Media Profiles: An inside look of famous medias.
• Facing the Consequences: Making 'em pay for it!
• A Job with an Attitude: Character Role variations for 2020.
• Reviews: Alien3, Mann and Machine, Lawnmower Man"

1992 ... 56 pages

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Interface Magazine: Volume 2, Issue 2
In this Issue:

* The Darktime: A Crossover of Cyberpunk and Call of Cthulhu.
* EctoTech: Technology of a horrific nature.
* Cults: What are they. who runs 'em. and what to expect of them.
* Transference: A horror mini-scenario written in concert with The Unspeakable Oath (Pagan Publishing).
* Policy of Pain: A desert scenario of deceit, death and apotheosis.
* Cult Profiles: 3 different cult styles and what makes them tick.
* Conversion rules for Cyberpunk 2020 to Call of Cthulhu.
Reviews: Chromebook 2. Necrology: Surveys and Letters.

1992 ... 68 pages

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