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The Arduin Adventure
This book also comes as part of a box set, though they are quite rare now. The box set contains the rulebook; a cover sheet with the back cover blurb reprinted; character sheets; 2 sheets of 8 cut-outs depicting various magic items.


"This game is an introduction to the world of adventure gaming, and may be learned in less than an hour by anyone age twelve and oider. If you are not afraid of trying something new, you will discover a game that is exciting and different from any game you have tried before.

The Arduin Adventure provides the novice with a set of simple and understandable guidelines for learning the basic concepts of Role Playing. Role-playing is the heart of all adventure gaming systems now on the market. Once learned these concepts allow the player
to easily understand them.

The Arduin Adventure has a unique modular learning system that permits the gamer to apply any part of it to another system, or part of another system to itself. Although already a complete game, this system is infinitely expandable with the only limit being the player's imagination. So read on and enter the world of action and adventure. It awaits only your participation to come alive!"

1980 ... 64 pages

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The Arduin Trilogy [BOX SET]
Set contains:
* The Arduin Grimoire (Volume 1)
* Welcome to Skull Tower (Volume 2)
* The Runes of Doom (Volume 3)

"The ARDUIN TRILOGY contains the most innovative and challenging Adventure Gaming system on the market. The Trilogy is several hundred pages and handsomely illustrated. Each volume is crammed with new spells, monsters, treasures and character types; plus a definitive system of rules to satisfy the most demanding FRP enthusiast. Arduin is an "anything goes" system, whose only limits are the player's imagination!

The Arduin Trilogy is recommended only for those players with some experience in Adventure Gaming and looking for even more challenge and enjoymenL For novice players, we recommend the "Arduin Adventure" to learn the true path to fame, glory and adventure."

1981 ... David A. Hargrave ... Grimoire Games

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Arduin Treasure Pak

Lots of pics over at my photoblog: Arduin Treasure Pak (1977): Early non-TSR D&D Loot and Monster Art

1977 David A. Hargrave & Carol Rode International Gamers Association

Compleat Arduin: Book One - The Rules
"Here is Arduin, the renowned fantasy role-play system, totally revised and reorganized. This volume, the first in the two-volume set, contains the following new and improved features: 1. Step-by-step character development, with three compleat examples. 2. A modular format, allowing use of parts of the system with many other popular role-playing systems. 3. More than two dozen fully-developed character classes. 4. Twenty distinct character races. 5. Comprehensive conventions for handling the development of split-class characters. 6. New, simple and fair rules for awarding experience. 7. Comprehensive rules for the use of magik. 8. A compleat description of the Arduin Battle Factor combat system, including all you need to conduct realistic melees. 9. Over 125 melee and missile weapons, including random critical hit and fumble modifiers. 10. Over 50 different kinds of armor. 11. Rules for a variety of firearms, including pistols, rifles, automatic weapons, muzzle-loading cannon, mod era artillery and energy weaponry. 12. A new, simpler system for sequencing combat. 13. Price lists for most anything your character might want or need."

1992 ... 200 pages ... Grimoire 8008 ... ISBN 1881632008

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Compleat Arduin: Book Book Two - Resources
"Here is Arduin, the renowned fantasy role-play system, totally revised and reorganized. This volume, the second in the two-volume set, contains the following new and improved features: 1. Over 100 unique treasures, and the tools to create many more. 2. More than 200 monsters, including all the old favorites and lots of brand-new horrors. 3. Special sections devoted to dragons, giants, the realm of Faerie, shapechangers, undead and demonkind. 4. More than 400 of the most powerful magiks ever writ. 5. Separate magiks for rune weavers, druids, alchemists, illusionists and herbalists. 6. A separate spellfinder, with over a thousand entries. 7. Compleat rules for healing, regeneration, resurrection, resuscitation, and curing of disease. 8. Comprehensive rules for weather. 9. Rules for hell spirals, whimsy and dancing weapons. 10. A new, simpler method of generating encounters with NPC parties of any race. 11. Examples for the GM on how to set up and run an encounter. 12. Tables for ceiling, floor and wall traps. 13. An index covering Books I and II."

1992 ... 250 pages ... Grimoire 8016 ... ISBN 1881632016

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The Arduin Grimoire (Volume 1)
Accessory book for Classic Dungeons & Dragons. Contents include: How to Play the Game; Experience Point Chart; Character Limitation Charts; Height and Weight Charts; Notes on Fantastic Beings; Alignment Chart; Special Abilities Charts; New Character Classes; Multiversal Trading Co. Price List; Magik in Arduin; Clerical Undead Turn-away chart; Prismatic Walls; New Spells; New Magikal Tresures; Critical Hit and Fumble Charts; Brawl Chart; Were-creatures Combat Chart; Dinosaur Charts; Sea Creatures List; Escape Table; Weather Tables; Fantastic Diseases; Demon Lore; The 21 Planes of Hell; Lesser Demon Lists.


Welcome to Skull Tower (Arduin Grimore Vol. II)

1978 ... 99 pages ... Grimoire Games


The Runes of Doom (Arduin Grimoire Vol. III)

1978 ... 95 pages ... Grimoire Games

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The Lost Grimoire (Arduin Grimore Vol. IV)

1984 ... David A. Hargrave ... 100 pages ... DTP 82-006 ... ISBN 0940918102

Buy at AmazonHouse of the Rising Sun (Arduin Grimoire VI)

1982 ... 114 pages ... DTP 82-008 ... ISBN 094091820X

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Shadowlands (Arduin Grimoire VII)

1987 ... 84 pages ... Dragon Tree Press 82-016 ... ISBN 0940918463

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Beyond The Sacred Table

1986 ... Chuck Montgomery & Ben Ezzell & Mary Ezzell ... 114 pages ... DTP 82-011 ... ISBN 094091821X

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